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If you are a regular user of WhatsApp and Facebook, then you unquestionably know about a GIF. GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format. GIF files basically have a single image that fills the whole screen.

We use GIFs for the purpose of wishing special occasions to friends, cracking hilarious jokes and a lot of other things. Earlier only images were forwarded over WhatsApp, but now GIFs are the new trend. And if you enjoy GIFs, then you surely have wondered about making one. Yes, you can make GIFs yourself. All you have to do is learn the use of some apps. One such app is Ezgif. Ezgif is a well known online GIF creator.

But like any apps out there, Ezgif has some limitations. Once you use this app you would realize that, the biggest limitation of Ezgif is, most of its GIF making tools are in different pages. This is a big disadvantage for the users in the sense they need to visit different pages for different tools like resizing the GIF, optimizing the frames, rotating the GIF and so on. Now, for making a single GIF, if the users have to go through so many disruptions, than surely the user would like to switch to a different app. Here is a list of Ezgif alternatives for you to choose from.

  1. Gifgear

Gifgear is a free GIF making tool, that allows the users to include animation. Also the users don’t need to download any third party software to use this app. Each image has many personalization options, which is an added advantage. So, you can give it a try.

  1. Animategif 

The best thing about Animategif is, this app holds only about 96.2 kb of your memory. As our memory cards are full most of the times, we prefer apps with less size. Also using this app is pretty easy as it requires only drag and drop feature.  But this app is a bit behind in terms of customization options. Still if you want to make a simple GIF, then this app is your thing. 

  1. Makegif 

This is one of the nicest Ezgif alternatives. Makegif has the feature of adjusting the speed of the animation. Add to that, it allows you to add text or brush strokes, crop the image properly and set specific delay time for every individual image. Also you can add effects like water reflection, 3D world, morph and so on. So, this one is a must try. 

  1. Lunapic 

Lunapic  lets you upload 10 images at a time. The maximum size of an image that that you are allowed to edit by this app is 1400×2100. The users who are fond of art and who are willing to make GIFs with a creative aspect, there is a good news for them. This app provides a gradient tool which is excellent in balancing colours, and this tool gives an innovative look to the GIFs. All you arty GIF makers, this app is your thing.

  1. Animated gif maker

This is a nice Ezgif alternative in the sense it is fast in uploading images. Once uploaded, it gives you the option of resizing your image. Also this app permits you to decide the speed of the animations. After you are done with making the GIF, you can download it and resize it again. So, users can try this app for a smooth and swift experience. 

  1. Giphy 

Giphy has become so popular that it is almost the alternative name for GIFs. You can make your own GIF here and share it in any platform, both  at the same time. Also you can include captions in your GIF. Therefore, this is probably the best alternative to Ezgif.

Here I have only portrayed few GIF creators. Trust me there are many more out there. If GIF making is your passion, then you must visit There you would find many more alternatives to Ezgif. So, don’t forget to visit our webpage. Till then keep GIFing!

Vijay is a writer and online media enthusiast and who loves to pin down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. He loves to write about various topics and much more.

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