Know Your Online Gold Buyers To Ensure You Get Proper Value


Given that there are so many gold buyers out there it is crucial that you know your buyer well to make sure you get the proper value for your gold. Most buyers are on the lookout to make more money from unsuspected customers by paying them scrap value much unlike any licensed and authentic gold trader. Always check out the reputation of the jewelry stores especially the gold buyers with the BBB to find out whether they are registered or not. This will also keep you informed about the complaints lodged against them and how it was resolved if any along with other essential information.

How You Sell

You must know the item you are selling and how you are selling it as well. Most gold buyers NYC will pay you more value for your gold jewelry when these are sold as they are rather than it is melted down and sold. Therefore, sell your bracelet or gold necklace as they are. The benefit and reason to do so are that when these items come from a reputed maker or designer chances are high that you will get more value of the jewelry item rather than the amount of gold it is made up of. Therefore, avoid buyers who buy molten gold.

Terms And Conditions

There are different online sources for selling gold as well. However, when you want to work through these sources, it is important to know how you should sell through online sources. These online services usually allow buying or selling gold at any time. Moreover, these sources have different vaults in different locations to hold the gold as online purchase of gold cannot be held in an Isa. You may also buy or sell gold in a small share rather than the entire thing in a bar. However, you must know about the terms and conditions, the dealing commission, storage charges and also the price spread.

Read The Fine Print

Online sources for selling and buying gold will have a page dedicated for their terms and conditions. Do not overlook this and read it at length and understand the fine print. There is hardly an easy way out if there is any issue while using a mail-away service. Therefore, know whether they receive insured items. Also find the time to get reimbursed, the time they keep your gold before melting it down and the number of days they offer before you turn down their offer.

Send Items Carefully

When you use online sources, make sure that you send the items very carefully. Never send any item uninsured. Apart from that take pictures of all your gold items that you want to sell off before sending them. In addition to that make sure that you hold on and preserve all relevant filings and paperwork. Lastly and most importantly, all gold transactions should be made after proper identification. If you find the buyer is not keen to see your ID, choose someone else. Proper ID will prevent frustrating money laundering or even the sale of stolen property.


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