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It’s All about Knowing HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates


So now that you have finally decided to avail a personal loan, it is important that you should also pay attention to many crucial factors playing a pivotal role in your overall loan journey. When it comes to applying for this unsecured credit facility, it would not be wrong to say that there are plenty of banks and NBFCs available in the marketplace for the same.

Thus, it would be a difficult and at the same time a tedious task to choose the best bank. And, while looking for the best lender, the first thing that grabs the attention of a borrower is the interest rate. Yes, which lender is offering the personal loan online and at what rate is definitely the first priority of many.

So, if you are a newcomer who wants to apply for personal loan but don’t know which lender is offering the best deal, in terms of lowest personal loan interest rates, we are here to help. All you need to do is simply read the article further.

Well, as mentioned above that currently there are numerous lenders available in the market, known for offering this unsecured credit facility to one and all. So, how do you know which lender is going to be best for you? What is the best way to choose an ideal lender, offering you lucrative deal? Well, the answers to all these questions can easily be found in the article below. So, without wasting any time further, let’s just get into the topic straight.

If we are talking about the best lender, how can HDFC be missed? That’s Right! Being one of the top lenders in the banking industry, HDFC with its many financial products ensures to meet the personal needs of one and all.

Talking about HDFC personal loan , there is no denying the fact that this credit facility comes with a multiple feature and benefits to choose from. But before we let you know about the same, let’s just talk about HDFC personal loan interest rates. Afterall, an interest rate is the prime factor that influences your loan journey. The higher the rates are, the more burden will be on your shoulders to repay the loan with higher EMI.

So, always try to go for the rates which are lower so that it would not be a big burden for you to repay the loan in the future as in that case, your monthly installments will be lower.

Talking about the current scenario, the lender is offering the loan at an interest rate of 10.99%-20.70% per annum to only salaried individuals. However, which is also the lowest personal interest rate at present, allowing borrowers to pay less for their EMIs. Apart from the lowest rates, the lender also offers this credit facility with a plenty of other impeccable features and benefits such as the loan amount of 15 Lakh, a flexible tenure of 5 years, a one-time processing fee of 2.50% of the loan amount along with the prepayment charges of 4% of principal outstanding.

All these features and much more make Personal loan online a desirable loan to avail. Now coming back to the topic of interest rates, many of you will surely agree on the fact that rates are the deciding factor in many cases. If the rates are higher,usually borrowers don’t go for that deal as it will further increase their loan burden. This is the reason that people prefer to use a personal loan EMI calculator so as to know the exact calculations of their monthly installments.

Moreover, on using this device, it would be easier for you to know the exact and accurate calculations of their monthly installments which helps you in planning your EMIs better. If we talk more about HDFC personal loan EMI Calculator online, there is no denying the fact that this magical tool not only gives you accurate results in a hassle-free manner but it also helps you in planning your EMIs in a better way.

Furthermore, you can say that this online tool with its fastest algorithms and after taking into consideration-Loan Amount, Tenure and Interest Rate allows you to know the exact calculations of not only your monthly installments but your interest outgo as well.

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