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Kotak PVR Credit card- Enjoy the Cinemas


A credit card is a payment card is which is issued to the applicants to enable them to pay the costs of goods and services. The card is issued on some promises based upon the amount of withdrawal amount, offers and discounts given to the applicant etc. usually the bank creates a revolving account and grants credit to the applicant who can borrow money for payment or as a advance.

PVR credit cards are designed for the movies goers. Kotak PVR Credit cards are the best amongst them. Kotak mahindra bank offers an array of the credit cards with the only purpose of catering all types of customers. They have this opportunity for every person with diverse needs. They provide benefits of monthly free PVR movie tickets, exclusive discounts for women and many more.

Kotak PVR credit card is one of the best in among all the similar services. It is designed specially for the movie lovers. It helps to minimize the entertainment cost. It also provides special deals throughout the year. It is accepted throughout all outlets and allows the customer to the benefit of cashless shopping.

There two Kotak PVR credit cards available for the customers:

  • Kotak PVR gold credit card
  • Kotak PVR platinum credit card

Benefits of getting Kotak PVR gold Credit card

  • The first benefit of this Kotak PVR credit card is it avails 2 free movie tickets on every spend of 7,500 INR or above in each and every month.
  • The offer or scheme is available for the whole year.
  • The users can also avail one free movie ticket on spending 750 INR in cinema theatre.
  • This offer also gives the user the benefit of adding them for their relatives and they will also be eligible for the benefits. Then the applicant can set the principle limit of others to whom he added.
  • This also gives the benefit of insurance and is called PVR shield. It will help the applicant to protect himself for any unauthorised transactions coming in after a theft or loss.
  • The insurance cover is for 75000. It is available for both the first time users as well as add on holders.

Benefits of Getting PVR platinum credit card

  • The first benefit of this kotak PVR credit card is the holder will get two movie tickets of theatre each and every month absolutely free, if  they spend 7,500 or above in total within the whole month.
  • Customers can do shopping from anywhere in the country and can purchase anything to avail the free movie ticket offer during the whole year.
  • The holder can get one free movie ticket every month if they spend 750 or above in the whole month at theatre as part of the introductory offer.
  • The holder can spend both online or offline over the counter ticket purchases are included in this offer.
  • In case any one stole the holder’s card or it get lost, the bank provides an insurance for such types of un happenings in cover of 75,000 INR under the theatre shield programme. The customer don’t’ have to follow any long procedure to get the benefit of the insurance. The holder just have to inform the customer care service immediately in case of any loss or theft. Claims have to be filled with HDFC ERGO general insurance company.
  • Primary holder can avail the supplementary option for the family members as well as for relatives and friends and they will be able to get the same benefit just like the the primary holder. The holder can also preset the credit limit on all add on cards and can also track the expenses made using this service online.

Fees and charges against late payments

  • For the first year, the scheme is absolutely free of cost. From the second year onwards an annual fee of 499 INR will be charged for the facility. The interest charged on Gold credit schemes is at the rate of 3.4 per cent per annum on only overdue payments. And if the payment is made in foreign currency using the  Kotak mahindra credit card feature a mark up 3.5 percent will be charged.
  • This scheme is also free the first year. But from the second years onwards, this platinum CC will attract an annual fee of 999 INR. if the holder will meet the limit and go over the limit, then for each and every time he will do any transaction after reaching the limit he will have to pay a charge of 500 INR. if the cheque get dishonored then also a charge of 500 INR will have to paid by the holder. On overdue payment amount the bank will charge interest at the rate 3.4 percent per month.

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