Why is Land Surveying Important?

Land Surveying

There are many reasons why a person may need land surveying for either a residential or commercial property. Property owners may need a professional land surveyor to perform services for certain purposes, from establishing property boundary lines through to land subdivisions and construction. A surveyor’s expertise is essential when dealing with issues such as new building requirements and identification of potential flood zones, among others. Also, determining where the property line lies necessitates the use of a surveyor’s site plans and measurements. Surveyors use their expertise to determinethe land size by taking proper measurements and providing information that guides the work of architects, developers and engineers.

If you want to purchase, sell, divide, make improvements or resolve a property conflict, you may find yourself in need of a land survey. This article will detail some areas where land surveying is important. 

Purchasing Land

If you’re planning to buy a piece of land for any reason, it’s crucial to have that land surveyed before you make any payments. Such information will help you get clarity on where the area lies and will also help you verify the exact property size.

Selling Land

Sellingsurveyed land gives prospective buyers a lot more information than a non-surveyed area. Getting the land surveyed before selling any property provides both the buyer and seller with a higher level of confidence.

Dividing Land

Anytime you want to subdivide a large plot of land that you own into smaller parcels, a land survey will be required. The involvement of a professional land surveyor will ensure that the subdivision of the land complies with all laws and regulations.

Making Improvements or New Construction

In many areas, it’s a requirement toconduct a land survey before you can add structures or do any improvements to a property. For instance, if you want to undertake any large building project, the law requires you to involve a land surveyor. Before the addition of new structures such as a garage, find out what the local laws require to determine if a land survey is necessary. 

Property Conflict Resolution

A conflict with neighbours over property lines can be a very touchy subject. There’s the possibility of having a dispute about where a property line lies. To avoid or resolve such conflicts, have a land survey done by a registered and licensed land surveyor to identify exactly where the line lies. Knowing where your property ends and where your neighbour’s property begins will help to settle conflict so you and your neighbour can make peace. 

Why Land Surveying is Important

The surveying industry is vital in the sense that it ensures order in the physical world. Land surveyors play a critical role during the planning, designing and development of properties and land division. On any construction site, land surveyors must do the initial work of taking area measurements and mapping the landscape. Architects and engineers then use the surveyor’s information to design and plan for the improvement of existing structures or the construction of brand new structures. Land surveying provides the title insurer with evidence of off-record title matters or miscalculations in past surveys revealed by a new land survey review. Surveying can assist with detecting problems on time so corrective actions can be taken basedon facts and figures.

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