No matter what you use and how you use it; if you are not taking care of your hair in a proper manner; things would turn out to be ineffective. The point is to take precautions to make sure that you are doing proper hair care. There are some things that are helpful for everybody for hair care.

Even if you are using the Best shampoo for dandruff and oily hair but you are not taking into consideration some important things; you might end up with poor hair care. You need to take into consideration all the aspects that are important for the effectivity and health of your hair. Following are a few things that would be absolutely important for your hair care.

How often do you wash your hair?

In case you think that only products would do the needed wonders then you are wrong. Even the best product would stand null if you are not taking precautions. Your products would never work effectively if you are not making the right use of everything. If you are using the best shampoo for your dandruff think but you are washing your hair only once a week then you cannot expect results. Similarly, if you are giving over wash to your hair by washing them every single day of week; you are again doing the wrong thing. You have to be really calculative about how many times you wash your hair. It would be ideal if you wash your hair at least three times a week or minimum twice. Neither more nor less is needed when it comes to hair wash.

How do you wash your hair?

Apart from the frequency of wash, you have to be tactful about how you wash your hair too. Of course, you have to be careful when you wash your hair. You cannot simply spread shampoo in your hair and put water on it to clean it. You have to take proper time and there has to be patience to wash your hair. What you can do is you can apply the shampoo to the roots of the hair and slowly massage it for a few minutes. Once you know that he shampoo has reached the roots and the scalp; you can begin putting water on your hair and head.  When you wash your hair with water, make sure that the shampoo has been eliminated from the hair completely. You have to make sure that there remains no shampoo in the hair. Sometimes, people assume that they have washed their hair but there remain some particles of the shampoo in the hair or on scalp. Such a thing does more harm than any good.

Do you dry it properly?

You need to dry up your hair properly. You should gently dry your hair with towel. Once you apply towel on it, the hair would soften up. Similarly if you leave the hair undried and do not make any efforts, your hair might get strange and very irritating. Moreover, if not necessary, please try to avoid those electronic dryers. These harm your hair.


So, when you use the best options like Ketomac anti dandruff shampoo, you should pay some attention to the other aspects of hair care too!

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