How do you know anyone acts indifferently in your workspace? How can you monitor any suspicious and abnormal activities in your business premise? Here comes the importance of the best video analytics software solution. This solution is developed with the benefits of AI to see and act like a human eye and brain. It can easily track any of the unusual movement made by anyone and alerts for the same is sent to the concerned persons or departments. For example, this solution can easily monitor any of the quarrels, agitations, and disputes among the staffs and with the customers within the premises. This is one of the best solutions to assure a smooth and safe run of business activities.

Pattern detection

Pattern recognition solution is nothing but the learned ability to identify the patterns within data sets. This is one of the fast developing sectors which support the development in the areas of image processing, computer vision, neural networks, and text and document analysis. The machines or systems are trained and learned to identify the required images in accordance with the particular pattern. Pattern detection solutions help you recognize the face from patterns, image sequence, motion pattern, areas of interest of individuals and more. These solutions are used in different sectors including business areas.

Posture detection

To make it simple posture is the way in which the human body is held to reduce the strain on muscle to rock bottom level during movement. Posture detection is performed by determining three-dimensional orientations by tracing and tacking orientation and movement of the body in accordance with custom axes. This solution provides real-time posture detection to monitor the unusual postures, emotions, and activities of the persons. It helps the monitor aggressive behaviour, talking on the phone, etc.

Easy to integrate with CCTV system 

There is no need to change the entire setup of the surveillance to make use of the solutions that provide you with the best posture and pattern detection service. These programs can be easily integrated into the existing CCTV surveillance system and can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of different businesses, services, and sectors. Benefits of artificial intelligence are used to its best to make these programs think and act just like human eyes and brain. Good numbers of businesses make use of these solutions to keep the smooth working atmosphere in the workplaces.

Get the best one

The best solutions come with the benefits of cloud technology. This helps you access the solution at anytime from anywhere through multiple devices. These solutions help a lot in identifying the person through his or her activities and motion. These solutions are used in various applications related to event detection, activity recognition, anomaly detection and more.

Not everyone can provide the industry best solution. Hence make good research and select the best company who provide the best in Posture detection and other programs with the latest features to assure maximum efficiency and perfection.

Enjoy complete monitoring of your business area and workforce. Get instant alerts on anyone who takes unusual motions and patterns to prevent the occurrence of any unhappy incidents among the workforce in the workplace.

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