Getting inked permanently denotes body art that subtly yells the unyielding story of a person’s endurance, while the design chronicles the freedom of expression and spirituality along with a deep inner meaning.

Motivation Behind Tattoos

Tattoos are considered status symbols, forms of retribution, memories, fancy scar-concealers, social influencers, or just ways to flaunt the ‘cool’ quotient in the cultural milieus worldwide. In certain tribal communities, individuals get inked to symbolize their sexual maturity, while the men get tattooed after attaining a social rank in the society.

Whatever Tattoos represent, they create history and are meant to live and fade with their masters.

Types of Tattoos

Tattoos have become a rage these days, considering the fact that variety and complexity may be countless and never-ending. Tattoo experts at The Black Hat Tattoo believe the same. Here is a list of the most sought-after contemporary designs.

  • Abstract

This design has no outline or structure and breaks away from the conventional styles

  • Fine Line

More detailing and special effects can be added to the design through needle adjustments of the tattoo machine

  • Haida

Influenced by spiritual cults, this design embodies crest figures along with spiritual beings

  • Memorial

These infuse religious elements to offer obeisance to the deceased along with their images and related text sometimes

  • Stonework

Akin to a cracked and chipped stone, this style is mostly shaded in black and gray to give a rustic look with intense detailing

  • Portraits

This evergreen style needs absolute attention by the artist to denote the resemblance and the realistic aspect of the facial features of a person

  • Celtic

Made of knots, crosses, ancient animal figures, and spiral loops, this style is more Welsh and Gaelic

  • Gray Wash

Lightly tinted variation of black is diluted to give different shading densities

  • 3D Effect

Variations of black and gray are used heavily to give the effect

  • Neo-Traditional

Blends the old with newer elements that are two-dimensional

  • Polygon

Geometrical figures are mixed with abstract art

  • Polynesian

A traditional tribal hand-tapped design denoting cultural symbolism skilfully with bold, abstract black, and figurative designs

  • Surreal

Incoherent and bizarre figures are blended with horrific/sarcastic/cruel figures

  • Graffiti

Street-style, radical art style denoting a message pictorially

  • Trash Polka

A bold design done in black and gray with red statement-making accents, smears, smudges, etc.

  • Oriental

Timeless art that tells a story of Samurai’s, Geishas, birds, Buddhism, and oriental elements that are 2-D and detailed

Tattoo Studios

Though bearing the physical pain is the price one will have to pay for this amazing art, Tattoo studios set a safe and sterile environment for the ritual and guarantee professional handling, since this involves permanent somatic etching. Reworking on faded tattoos is also done with precision at Tattoo studios.


Among other sins on the skin, tattoos are considered to be one of the most artfully impactful ones. The enduring encounter of the excruciating pain from the needles shows the affinity of the subject to the process with a deeper level of attachment involved.

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