Working at office can be very exhausting. There are deadlines to meet, presentations to attend, answer the clients and document many files. In such a situation, everybody who has a desk job knows how essential it is to enjoy the space you get in your office.  Be it your own cubicle, cabin or a large place of work, decorating the area is a fun and creative thing to do. It helps you as the decorative items will enhance your mood, make you feel better and also help you add a tinge of your personal life at your workplace. It also defines your personality as certain elements on your desk reflect the kind of person you are, outgoing, introvert, artistic, etc.  There are many ways with which you can make your office life brighter and colorful. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Photos.

With internet and smart phones taking the world by the storm, it is rare to see any hard copy of photographs anymore. Pictures of your loved one is said to improve your mood on a hectic or stressful day. Try to create a collage of the best memories you cherish. Frame happy pictures with your close friends and family and arrange it around your desk.  You can also hang a few pictures off the wall or the desk to give it a more artistic look.

  1. Flowers.

Flowers are known to have soothing effects. In a busy organization with lot of work pressure, stress can make a person very inactive and unhealthy. Among many ways to avoid stress is one such idea which is to have a vase of flowers at your desk that you could always maintain by adding fresh flowers once in three or four days. Even if you are in any city working under tough timings that don’t allow you hours for such responsibility, then you can even deliver online flowers in Ludhiana using many options available on the internet.

  1. Origami.

Origami is an art that really helps in relieving you from strain or tension of the job. It also helps you learn a new form of art that allows you to decorate your office space with various craft work that you personalized. You can look up online to learn or even take classes during the weekend. It is an easy process and doesn’t take much time to at least grasp the concepts.

  1. Plant.

When I say plant, what I am referring to are office plants which are very small in size and easily accommodating in little space. Some of the plants are cacti plant, spider plant, air plant, etc. The most common one you will find in both houses and workplaces is the Bamboo plant that is considered as a sign of good luck.

These are some of the ideas with which you can make your office space more bright and creative. Always remember not to overdo it as you need to keep the professional set up and ethics of your organization in mind. Even if you are decorating, try to avoid a clutter as much as possible.

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