Everybody likes to look beautiful and well-groomed, especially the women because it not only lets them get noticed among their peers in a better manner but also boosts their self-confidence to a great extent. Beauty parlour is one place where the beauty of a woman is enhanced plus she is given proper guidance by the beauty experts.

Limitations of visiting a beauty parlour

There are certain limitations of a beauty parlour:

  • Visiting a beauty parlour is very hectic if a person gets stuck in a traffic jam which is quite normal in big cities like Delhi or if the weather is very hot which again happens in Delhi in the summer season.
  • You might need to wait for a long time as good beauty parlours are heavily booked.
  • There is a good probability that you may get heavily charged and for the same reason, even getting a facial service in Delhi is also very costly.
  • No discounts or lucrative offers are given by maximum beauty parlours.
  • Limitations of timing while booking appointment is another drawback.

What if beauty parlour comes to your home?

It may sound a little unbelievable but what if you are provided all the services of beauty parlour at your home? It is a dream which has been turned into reality by Lifeasy and now you can get a certified beautician at your home for beauty treatment just like you get in the parlour. Presently, they are limited to few cities but they are definitely available in the national capital so all those ladies who visit beauty parlour in Delhi can avail the services of Lifeasy with their own convenience.

Benefits of becoming a client of Lifeasy:

There are many benefits of becoming a client of Lifeasy:

  • You can get all the beauty treatments from an expert while sitting in your own house.
  • There is no need of going out of house in hot weather and you can also escape getting stuck in traffic jams.
  • Lucrative offers and high discounts are offered to potential customers; for example, getting a facial service in Delhi is pretty costly but if you use services of Lifeasy, getting a facial at your home can save you some money as well.
  • There are different packages to choose from if you become a Lifeasy customer. They have designed few packages based on the types of services that they are mostly asked for by the customers. You can choose the one which suits you the most and get services from experts while saving a good deal of cash.
  • There is no limitation of timing while booking an appointment as the beautician won’t mind coming a little early if you have to attend a meeting early in the morning.

Lifeasy has made it very easy for women to get beauty treatments from the comfort of their home and that too, from a certified professional at a reasonable cost. It also helps them save time which they used to spend in making it to a beauty parlour or while waiting for their turn and now they can utilize this time in a fruitful manner with their family and friends.

Company Details:

Company Name: Lifeasy

Company Address: F-3,Ground Floor, Sector 8 Noida 201301(UP)

Latitude: 28.584670

Longitude: 77.352010

Email ID: customercare@lifeasy.in


Customer Care No.:  8586882266


Web: https://www.lifeasy.in


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