How Long does Coconut Oil Last?


Do you drool over the advantages that coconut oil offers you? Are you an absolute fan of coconut oil? Do you want to know all about the same? Do you often question that Does Coconut Oil Expire?

If you really want to know about all these things, then certainly we will help you! Coconut oil is one of the best vegetable oils that you can find around yourself. This oil is one of the healthiest as well as the most beneficious oil that one can find.

It helps get rid of multiple problems and with regular use of the same, people can often find the best results. Of course, the main question that still persists is that whether this oil expires ever? And if it does, then how much time does it take for the same.

Does it expire?

Well, first things first. It absolutely does expire. Anything that can lived will definitely expire. And anything that has been killed and its parts used, will also meet the same fate. But then again coconut oil is something that has a great longevity. It can be easily compared to a cat’s life.

Probably you will completely use up the oil way before it has expired. But then again if you haven’t used it fast enough then by when can you use it? Of course, if it is there with you for more than 7 years, chances are it will do you no good.

This is only why checking with the manufactures date can help. But then again, some manufacturers often put up the expiry date within a year of time and this is something that cannot be a possibility.

This is exactly when you can wake the “Sherlock” in yourself and find for yourself that when it will meet its end.

Things to look for:

Following are certain signs that will help you note that whether your coconut has expired or not:

  • Molds:

Anything that has mold on it is absolutely not usable. But with coconut oil here is the trick. If there are mold on the surface then you need to scoop it out and check the rest. If there are none inside then it is usable again.

  • Smells funny:

Coconut has a distinguished smell that separates it from the rest. Of course, this is certainly something that people already know of. So when it smells funny, you know that you are to bid adieu to the same.

  • Tastes funny:

If you use it in your cooking then of course your dishes will start tasting different than they do. This is not a good sign.

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You must know that properly storing this oil can definitely help it increase the shelf-life. You can easily store it in room temperature and in a dark place. It will be solid or liquid in state depending on the climate that you are in.

Also, you can use the refrigerators for the storing this oil. This will also help you increase the life of the oil and that too just to perfection. All these will help you in the best way possible, if you follow the points mentioned.

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