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Mutual funds are one of the best investment options that can give you unbelievable returns. However, it all works if you, as an investor, understand that the more you can wait the higher return you can get. The objective of the mutual fund is to provide security to your money, be a source of income and also the growth. Each of these purposes is fulfilled with different kinds of funds. Since each one of us is different, our choices are also variable.

The same is the case with the investment as mutual fund scheme is different for different portfolios. Some people start biting their lips even on little losses when it comes to money, others want to take the risk so as to earn and some wait for the time when their fund will give them the most benefits. Let us see the objective of different kinds of mutual funds and see where you can invest.  

best mutual funds in india

Objective of a Mutual Fund

Capital securityA mutual fund that has keeps your money secured with comparative lesser return can invest is money market mutual fund. So, if you are ok with lower returns, you can take one of the short-term debt instruments such as treasury bills, certificate of deposits, and inter-bank call money.    

Income If you have plans to make huge profits (of course you have) and are also ready to take high risk, domestic and international bond funds, mortgage funds and dividends are the funds where you can invest.

GrowthWith the emphasis on ‘growth’ as its investment objective provides investors a hedge against inflation and invest in common stocks at the time in preferred shares, equity funds function.

Let us now see some of the best mutual funds in India that will help you make a decision to invest.

Equity Mutual Funds

There are different types of equity funds and the name are as follows:

Large caps

  • DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund
  • HDFC Top 200 Fund
  • Reliance Vision Fund
  • HDFC Growth Fund
  • Reliance NRI Equity Fund
  • Principal Large Cap Fund
  • HDFC Large Cap Fund
  • Reliance Top 200 Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Focus 25 Fund
  • Principal Index Fund-Nifty
  • Reliance Focused Large Cap Fund
  • Reliance Quant Plus Fund
  • Reliance Index Fund-Nifty Plan
  • Reliance Index Fund-Sensex Plan

Mid caps

  • Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund
  • Principal Index Fund-Midcap
  • Reliance Growth Fund
  • HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund
  • HDFC Core And Satellite Fund
  • Reliance Regular Savings Fund-Equity Plan
  • DSP BlackRock Small And Mid Cap Fund
  • Reliance Mid & Small Cap Fund

Multi caps

  • DSP BlackRock Equity Fund
  • HDFC Equity Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund
  • Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund
  • Principal Growth Fund
  • HDFC Capital Builder Fund
  • HDFC Premier Multi-Cap Fund
  • Principal Dividend Yield Fund
  • Reliance Retirement Fund-Wealth Creation Scheme

Small caps

  • Reliance Small Cap Fund
  • HDFC Small Cap Fund

Tax planning

  • HDFC Retirement Savings Fund -Equity Plan
  • HDFC TaxSaver
  • HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund
  • Principal Tax Savings Fund
  • Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund


  • Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund
  • Reliance Media & Entertainment Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Natural Resources And New Energy Fund

Debt Mutual Funds

There are total six types of funds under debt mutual funds and the name are as follows:

Liquid Fund

  • Reliance Liquid Fund
  • Principal Cash Management Fund
  • HDFC Cash Management Fund-Savings Plan
  • Reliance Liquid Fund-Treasury Plan
  • HDFC Liquid Fund
  • Reliance Liquid Fund-Cash Plan
  • HDFC Cash Management Fund – Call Plan

Ultra Short term Funds

  • Principal Retail Money Manager Fund
  • HDFC Floating Rate Income Fund – Short Term Plan – Wholesale Option
  • Reliance Money Manager Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Ultra Short Term Fund
  • Principal Low Duration Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Money Manager Fund
  • HDFC Cash Management Fund – Treasury Advantage Plan – Retail

Short Term Funds

  • HDFC Banking And PSU Debt Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Banking & PSU Debt Fund
  • HDFC Short Term Opportunities Fund
  • Reliance Short Term Fund
  • HDFC High Interest Fund – Short Term Plan
  • HDFC Regular Savings Fund
  • Principal Short Term Income Fund
  • Reliance Rate Fund-Short Term Plan
  • HDFC Floating Rate Income Fund – Long Term Plan
  • Reliance Medium Term Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Short Term Fund

Dynamic Bond Funds

  • HDFC High Interest Fund – Dynamic Plan
  • Principal Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Reliance Dynamic Bond Fund

Credit Opportunities

  • HDFC Corporate Debt Opportunities Fund
  • Reliance Bond Fund
  • Principal Credit Opportunities Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Income Opportunities Fund

Gilt Funds

  • DSP BlackRock Constant Maturity 10Y G-Sec Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Government Securities Fund
  • HDFC Gilt Fund Long Term
  • Principal Government Securities Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Treasury Bill Fund
  • HDFC Gilt Fund Short Term
  • Reliance Securities Fund


  • Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund
  • HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund
  • Reliance Income Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Bond Fund
  • HDFC Income Fund
  • Principal Debt Savings Fund


DisclaimerMutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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