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Rugs are considered to be more fancy home decorations than carpets as they are made of various natural materials which make one’s place more attractive as well as hygienic.  This is the very reason why we should be more careful about rug cleaning. There are slight differences between carpet and rug cleaning.

Here, we will focus points which must be completely avoided while cleaning rugs:

  • First of all, rug cleaning and care, as well as its wear specifically depend on its material. Some of the most commonly used materials for rug cleaning are: sisal, cotton, flax, reed, jute, rice, hemp, etc. So, one must take care and only instructed method for that material should be followed as any general method can prove to be harsh for some materials.
  • One thing in common for rug cleaning is that unlike carpets you cannot beat it for cleaning. In fact, it can spoil the whole material of the rug. If you beat a rug, you may ruin it from the very first time you do it. All the base threads will simply fall apart.
  • Now some rugs, depending on the material they are made of, can be cleaned with vacuum cleaners and even steam cleaners; while others cannot be cleaned with any type of vacuums. For example, hemp, rice and sisal rugs should never be cleaned with water vacuums. They can also be easily damaged by the stains of products like wine, tea, coffee and even milk. It can be a big problem to remove stains from the rugs made of such delicate materials.
  • Jute rugs can easily endure tough stain removal methods and constant dirt cleaning. Though, it is still best not to wash them, but vacuum cleaning is generally suggested for better cleaning.
  • Unlike carpets, rugs are easier for dusting, because they don’t have long fleece where most of the dust and dirt is accumulated. So, one must not apply the same methods for carpet and rug cleaning ever as it may distort the whole beauty of the rug.
  • Rugs, like carpets, simply ‘hate’ being folded. If you transport them or put away for storing, you should roll them instead of folding them.
  • For stain removal on rugs, you must use only vinegar based solutions which are specifically recommended for cleaning of natural materials.
  • Due to the fact that most rugs cannot be treated with any chemicals for stain removal, they should initially be soaked with special rug care solutions, which make rugs more durable and stain resistant. Such protective solutions also prevent rugs from getting dirty due to accumulation of dust, dirt, extra moist, and stains. Plus, they allow you to do an easier cleaning of such rugs.

However, if your rug has been treated with some such protective solution, you should never wash or clean it with any other chemical as the solution will wash off and the rug would be spoiled. For the expert advice, you can call up Rug Cleaning Adelaide which is available 24×7 at your service.

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