How to Lose Leg Fat

How to Lose Leg Fat

Our legs are our pillars of strength and our foundations that carry us through life. Its why they are our biggest muscle group and tend to be quite muscular. Legs, however, can be a problem area as they tend to accumulate fat deposits. How to lose leg fat requires you do one thing first: To keep reading!

To lose leg fat in a healthy way requires a strategic multi-faceted approach. There are no magic bullets here, however, there are proven strategies that will help you to get slimmer sexy legs.

How to Lose Leg Fat with Exercise

Being large muscles our legs are used to getting a workout whenever we walk, but that’s not nearly enough to lose leg fat. To lose leg fat permanently, you will need to start training your legs through cardio and some resistance or muscle training.

Cardio exercise increases heart rate and speeds up your metabolism – this helps you to efficiently burn more fat. An online calculator is a good idea in helping you to find your target heart rate for optimal fat burning, and choosing an aerobic workout that keeps you in the bat burning zone for at least 20 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week. At a minimum then, to lose leg fat can be as little as just 1 hour a week!

To target and lose leg fat try proven exercises like swimming, cycling, jogging, or even walking through sand or walk or jog a swimming pool for less joint impact. Of course, some prefer the more social aspect of sports clubs or exercise classes.  The key is to simply find activities you genuinely enjoy so that you will be inspired to do them regularly without getting bored or losing motivation to lose leg fat.

Importantly, if you’re not used to regular exercise, then start this slowly and build up to the levels suggested. Choose an activity to do for just 15 minutes a day, then work your way up to 30-minute sessions and raise the intensity as you progress.

Muscle training and resistance exercises can be done at a fitness center or at home. Gyms will have more equipment and choice and of course have skilled fitness instructors to guide you. However, working out at home is good enough. Simply do a routine that includes squats, wall-sits, and lunges. These can be done with your body weight or added resistance holding dumbbells. How to lose leg fat is to do these exercises!

How to Lose Leg Fat through Diet

Consider foods that raise your metabolism. Thermogenic foods, for example, heat up your body’s core temperature and speed up your metabolism.  Good examples of these kinds of foods include; tropical fruits, peppers, and green tea. Follow more post from my blog such as health benefits of green tea.

As for the rest of your dietary needs to in the how to lose leg fat and get healthy stakes, choose leafy green vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole eggs, lean meat, and whole grain products. Sugar and salt need to be minimized considerably and ideally totally removed from your diet. Use unsaturated fats instead of dangerous trans fats. In general terms that means eliminating or heavily reducing animal fats and getting into the healthier vegetable based fats.

How to Lose Leg Fat by Losing Stress

Stress often goes hand in hand with weight gain. When our bodies feel threatened (by stress, illness, or yo yo dieting), they hold on to fat deposits and start storing away more calories as fat. Its a primal instinct for survival that helped our ancestors make it through times of famine. How tol ose leg fat is to manage and reduce your stress levels!

These days we do not have those issues, we simply accumulate fat because of our modern lifestyles. Yoga is a great way to reduce fat and manage stress.  Yoga relaxes the body and the mind.

For additional leg toning, look for exercises and routines that require you to balance on one foot, exercises that require you to stand with bent knees, or floor exercises that require you to hold your legs away from your body. The key here is ensure your muscles are ‘locked in’ and taking an additional load than they normally would. This will help you make further connections in how to lose leg fat.

Note that when you lose leg fat it also means that you will also reduce fat levels all over your body as well. Eat right and exercise regularly, and your legs will shape up fast! Keep it simple and identify the good things and identify the bad things. Over time incorporate more of the good, less of the bad and you will soon learn the keys in how to lose leg fat and indeed how to lose that unwanted fat all over your body. Further visit in and follow more valuable health information.


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