Major Points in a Video Interview that will Really Guide you to Achieve your Dream Job

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A job interview is conducted to hire a potential employee and involves a short discussion between employee and an employer to see if there is compatibility, a match and mutual interest. If there is a connection, then you will surely know it and if there are differences, you will know that too.

Many other interviews usually involves meeting with a hiring manager or a panel of members who will ask a series of questions. The interview might also involve completing a skill test. Some employers may also request subsequent interviews before a final selection is made; and some may not. However, most people complete the process and wait for the results.

Today, with the science and technology making their impact in every field, interviews have also taken the technological path, thus making video interviews worldwide popular.

Video interviews are becoming increasingly common with the rise of international business and with the technological development in the relevant field. Although video interviews could be strange thing for many, as it came as sudden change from the old forms of face-to-face interview. But preparing and practicing yourself with the changing demands will help you to avoid any pitfalls. While doing video interviews, you will be able to see your interviewer and can therefore read any non-verbal cues. During such interviews you can also feed-off of the interviewer’s expressions and reactions. However, the main thing you should know is how to conduct a professional video interview.

Steps to Conduct a Successful Video Interview

  • The first step to conduct a successful video interview is to know the proper way of framing yourself in the shot. You should take care of your appearance when attending an interview in person, and ensure that you are well presented via video.
  • You should set up the camera in a way so that it covers your entire head and shoulders. Placing the camera on a desk or a table and checking the angle before you start your interview can surely prevent any awkward adjustments.
  • You should make good use of verbal cues to make up for the fact that you aren’t doing the interview personally. For example, when addressing one of the interviewers’ questions, you should use their name to make it clear who you are talking to. This makes up for a lack of eye contact, and makes you still seem engaging.

Few Effective steps on how to Prepare for a Video Interview

In today’s digital era number of companies is leveraging video interviews in their recruiting and hiring process to save time and increase productivity. Whether it’s a construction company, business company, marketing company or any educational institution, video interviews is a win-win strategy for companies and interviewees.

Just because it’s a video interview, do not take it easier on your part. Preparation is vital in order to get your dream job, especially if video interviews are only the option for you get into a company of your choice.

Below mentioned are the few effective steps on preparing for a video interview

  • Before going for a video interview you need to thoroughly practice as you may have done in a face-to-face interview. It’s important for you to go for likely questions that will be asked so that you can respond with confidence. The more easily you go over your answers the poised and certain you will be during the interview. You’ll clearly show up your skills and knowledge in a clear cut manner which will also showcase your expertise for the job. You also won’t fumble over your words nor get too long-winded in your response.
  • You need to check your background, as the surrounding area behind you can either ad to your interview or can become a distraction. You need to avoid certain areas that are noisy. Make sure that the house in which you are giving interview is a quiet place and no one is there to disturb you while you give interview. You need to make sure that you have adequate lighting behind your PC so your face is illuminated.
  • You need to maintain a great posture while giving live video interviews so that to give out the confidence and enthusiasm for the subject matter. Practice keeping your spine straight with your shoulders slightly pulled back for an upright posture. This posture will help you in breathing and is also a key factor in relieving any nervousness experienced during the video interviews.


Few reasons for why use Video interviews

By using video interviews you can save money. It lessens travel costs related with bringing candidates in for face-to-face interviews and furthermore important staff time spent on scheduling and conducting interviews.

Video interviews allow managers to save their valuable time by avoiding interviews for bad candidates. It allows hiring managers to more effectively select the best candidates to bring in for a face-to-face.

Video interviewing enables you to reasonably screen more best candidates outside of your prompt geography while the technology shows to them that your association is on the cutting edge.




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