What makes jasmine tea so special?

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Jasmine tea is the blend of high quality loose leaf tea with the jasmine petals. The jasmine petals give the blend an aromatic and delicate fragrance and also add a pinch of sweetness to the tea.

There are variety of jasmine tea available and you can buy loose tea online with jasmine flavour, which is available in a range of teas like black jasmine tea, green jasmine tea, white jasmine tea, oolong jasmine tea and many more.

Also, jasmine tea is grown in many parts of the world. But the most famous are very few places like China, Ceylon, and Darjeeling.

 Let’s get to know about them and help you develop a liking for the same.

Ceylon jasmine tea:

Ceylon is the colonial name given to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the best black tea producers. One can buy Ceylon tea online in jasmine flavour. But Ceylon has started growing green as well as oolong tea.

Jasmine tea in Ceylon is made with green tea. The green tea in Ceylon has a pungent and nutty or malty flavour, which is very bold. The blend of jasmine to it, gives it a sweet aroma and fragrance. The Ceylon green jasmine tea is the best of all the jasmine teas of the world.

Ceylon black jasmine teas are also very different from the rest of the world’s black jasmine tea, as the Ceylon black tea here is milder than other lack teas in the world and therefore jasmine flavour takes a centre position in the Ceylon black tea.

Darjeeling jasmine tea:

It is the most well known teas of the world. And it is more famous for producing black tea. But apart from black tea, white, oolong, and green teas are also grown here which have a muscatel flavour due to the soil, the cool moist weather and the terrain.

The best production of Darjeeling is black jasmine tea. It gives the perfect aroma and flavour of jasmine petals, making it superior to other black jasmine teas of the world.

The green jasmine tea produced in Darjeeling is also good,but here the muscatel flavour of Darjeeling tea takes the centre stage.

Chinese jasmine tea:

China has been preparing jasmine tea since 700 years. The original process was to pluck the jasmine blossoms when they begin to bloom and added to the loose leaf in the night for better infusion of the aroma and  flavour. Sometimes it is done twice for the best aromatic experience.

China still holds the top position in producing jasmine tea. And many are of the misconception that all the jasmine tea is Chinese.

The common feature of all the blends of jasmine tea is that they have a sweet and soothing flavour and a special aroma, which is so unique making it the best.

Every variety of tea has its own unique flavour, aroma and health benefits. You can try out some of the varieties so that you can make up your mind. Jasmine tea has been popular for a very long time and people from almost every corner of the world tend to fall for its refreshing taste.

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