What Makes a Top CHRO


At the present time, CHRO is meant to be the game changer for the organization. The top-performing organizations now setting an example by enlisting a new breed of C-level leader and they are no longer dealing with petty issues such as handling paperwork and payrolls.

The CHRO is now responsible for handling the complete human components of the organization. Let’s take a look what makes a top CHRO?

  • A true C-suite leader can never ever neglect his or her outside network because those peer connections are the helpful voices helping you and guiding you towards your organization’s mission. For true leadership and management, being well connected can help in long-term for fostering deeper relationships.
  • A CHRO has to deal with strategy making on regular basis. It’s an essential skill in which all C-level executives are expected to be the best. The CHRO must possess the ability to think and operate strategically and resolving the current issues which may affect the future of the organization. This skill is mandatory to prove the CHRO’s worth.
  • The CHRO has to be excellent in communicating within the organization. He or she has to compete with other C-suite executives to prove the functionality of the role via participating and contributing towards the company’s visions and goals. A CHRO should ensure everyone understands this in the organization.
  • A great deal of business focus is required to be the top CHRO. He or she must be inquisitive about the operational aspects of the business to drive successful results. Seeing things from a global perspective impacts the business side of the human resources.
  • The CHRO must be an amazing people manager who is not only well aware of human resources but about the several other aspects of the business including sales, marketing, finance, and operations. Offering the sufficient knowledge, experience and insight will fulfill the company’s goals.
  • As a CHRO, you have to love people. Expanding unto every single facet of the organization including from marketing to IT to operations is one of the foremost quality of a top CHRO. Connecting with everyone is the key to success. The CHRO needs to be able to bring everyone into one box!
  • It should be no surprise that the CHRO has to be a superhuman because there will be constant surprise innovation and issues emerging! He or she has to be flexible, agile and must love change.

With time and constant evolution of roles, these competencies will change for sure but these are some of the basic skills which will be the same no matter the new structure and data.

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