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MRI In Bangalore

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is the medical technique that is used in radiology for forming images of anatomy and psychological processes in the body. It is used to detect diseases as well as checking the overall health of the patient. The scanners used in MRI are equipped with radio waves, strong magnetic fields and magnetic gradients for the generation of pictures of the various body organs. It is very useful for producing imaging of the soft tissues like the brain, muscles, spinal cord and ligaments in order to detect abnormal tissues and tumours. MRI scans should be carried out in clean environments with trained professionals and proper equipment with safety measures. These conditions can be provided by scan centres specializing in MRI scans.

MRI scans can be very expensive but the ones which are cheap but do not have proper equipment and maintenance cannot be trusted. Therefore, it may be quite tough to find the right MRI scan centre which is also budget- friendly. However, it is very important to choose the correct scan centre which can not only be trusted but is also affordable. They are used to provide information on various critical cases demanding a high level of precision and care.

How to pick an MRI scan centre?

MRI scans, although do not pose any harm most of the times, should be carried out with the help of actual professionals. One must research about the place before going and ensure that the people are aware of what they are doing. There are many scan centres which are not only well equipped but are also affordable. It may be difficult, but upon searching, people will find that many such scan centres exist in India.

One must compare the prices of nearby scan centres online and read about the experiences of others. Many sites are present that help to compare the prices of various scan centres. The person should also check the date of the availability of the results. Some of the labs even offer ambulance services for free. The MRI scan can be booked online and discounts are also available to decrease the overall cost of the scan which can be quite expensive. The labs having reputed radiologists and experience should be preferred. The best MRI scan centre in Bangalore can be found by browsing through the facilities with the mentioned factors.

Does MRI have any side effects?

There are no long lasting side effects that have yet been observed after going through MRI scans. Since radiations are not used, MRI scans do not pose any harm to the body. Although it is very rare, some of the patients have experienced side effects at the site of injection due to these contrast materials, including headache, nausea and pain. Similarly, in rare cases, some patients are allergic to contrast material due to which they experience reactions like hives, itchy eyes, etc.

Precautions are taken before an MRI scan

On the day of the scheduled MRI scan, it is usually allowed for the person to eat and drink before the scan, unless they are told not to. Sometimes, it is advised not to eat or drink anything up to four hours before the exam or consume large amounts of water. Before going into the scanning area, some things are required to be removed that could hamper the procedure. These include metal objects like watches, jewellery, piercings or things like dentures, hearing aids and wigs. If one does not wear a gown, their clothes should not have any metal zips, underwire, buttons or belts with buckles.

Factors on which cost depends

The cost of having an MRI scan depends on which body part is being scanned. Scanning of some body parts is more important than others. Head, abdomen, hands, chest, pelvis, legs and spine are some of the places where MRI scans are performed and the prices vary for all. It also depends on whether it is with plain or contrast materials. Quality of the machines can contribute to the price as well. They could be either of 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla as well as the qualifications of the doctors and technicians working at the centre. Tesla is the unit for measurement of magnetic fields. Most of the people in cities like Bangalore search for a centre that is cost effective and also good. Websites like Zywee are available which help to compare between the price ranges of various facilities. It also offers discounts and health checkup packages for such procedures.

MRI scan centre with 24 x 7 services

MRI facilities are available 24 x 7 in many facilities it can detect various important information for an emergency in case an accident or injury occurs. In times that require immediate attention, MRI scans are used to figure out exactly which parts of the body have been affected and need care. Not many operative services are available for MRI in Bangalore which functions 24 x 7. More such facilities should be opened as they are extremely important and can be lifesaving in case of an emergency.

Finding such affordable and well-trained healthcare facilities performing MRI scans may be hard to find in Bangalore but upon searching online and looking for them, one can select the place which is the most suitable. The technicians should be professional and the person should have some prior knowledge regarding the procedure in case of an MRI scan. Although it is a painless procedure, it has been observed that many patients feel claustrophobic when placed on the flatbed inside the tunnel. Movements are restricted and the procedure lasts for a long duration. Hence, the patient must be fully prepared and try not to panic while undergoing the scan. There is also the option of taking mild sedatives before going in which would help the patient to relax. Young children and babies may be given general anaesthetics before the MRI scan because it is extremely essential to stay awake during the scan for proper results.

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