How much does a septic tank installation cost?

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New homeowners are always looking to save money. However, one way not to save money is trying to install a septic tank on your own. Why do you ask? Because 101 things could go wrong. Firstly, you are not a professional with years of experience. Watching a YouTube video does not make you one either. Secondly, it requires a secure system that transports wastes to a secure place, without any failure. Any glitch in the system can be catastrophic. So, how about you leave this as a DIY project and seek to save money in some other arena?

A septic tank installation cost as low as $1500 and can go as high as $14,000. Depending on where you live and the kind of system that you are opting for, the price varies. For a normal three-bedroom apartment, a 1000 gallon septic tank is sufficient which might cost anywhere between $8000 and $15,000. Whereas, any fault in the current system might cost you $3000 to $7000 to replace.

Surprised? Let’s, take a look at the cost breakdown.

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Cost breakdown for septic tank installation near me

Usually, a traditional septic tank comprises of two primary parts- the tank and the drain field. Additional components might be requires based upon other requirements.

The tank, which is the primary component, can be made of fiberglass, concrete or other synthetic material. Available in various sizes, most owners opt for the 1250 gallon one as it is only $100 more than the 1000 gallon one. A concrete one will cost around $500 to $800 depending on the size.

The second component is the drain field, which comprises of multiple components. First is the drain gravel which is dependant on the soil type. Usually, a tonne of gravel costs around $9 to $12.

Vaults made of plastics are mostly favored which costs around $85 per four feet. Then comes the piping, the price of which differs based on the size of the installation and the design.

Finally, it is the labor costs which are of significant concern. There are some tests to be performed and designs to be established as well. The permit fees should cost around $1000 whereas the installation should cost about $1500 to $4000, including labor charges.

How much will the maintenance cost?

For septic tank installation near me, it is essential to consider the maintenance costs as well. Pumping the tank will cost around $300 to $400. Additional maintenance costs can be saved by running less water, and so on.

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What are the essentials required to install a septic tank?

Looking to install a septic tank? Well, there are several documents that you require to go ahead with its construction. You will need:

  • Construction permit.
  • Soil inspection along with property and design inspection.
  • Environmental testing.

Most of these hassles can be avoided by simply hiring a plumbing service. A good plumbing service will provide with the necessary design and permits and make the construction a seamless process. Instead of saving on septic tank installation cost, go ahead and hire a service provider today. Remember it is a one-time investment with years of benefits to offer.


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  1. I’m glad you mentioned how you won’t save money by installing a septic tank on your own. My husband found this DIY he wanted to try out. However, I’m more confident now that we need to hire a professional to take care of our septic system.

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