With the constant growth of science and technology, people are inventing on several useful gadgets and other electrical devices. These gadgets are highly in demand, enabling us to do a lot of things with ease and also helping us save time. Well, among the handy gadgets that are used for our daily lives, 1784-PCMK is preferable to many of our readers.

PCMK or B communication card is actually PCMCIA Type 2 form factor card that allows notebook computers to connect to other devices on both DH+, DH485 and remote I/O communication networks.

Many of our readers might want to know about this device more clearly. So, here we have mentioned a few details about it and it will be worth reading.


First of all, one must know about the organization that has come up with this gadget. It is none other than PCMCIA or the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. Basically, it is an organization that connects peripherals to laptop or notebook computers.

PC card

One must know about it clearly. Well, it is nothing but acts as a memory card for smaller devices or computers. It is a small form-factor adapter comprising of memory, storage, and I/O potentialities to smaller computers and notebooks. They are of the same length and width, but vary in thickness. The thickness at the connector end and along the rails is similar for all types of PC cards.


The gadget contains a wide range of new enhancements that were not put earlier. It is a 16-bit card and connects with a new series of cables using locking connectors. It works on notebook computers having PCI bus technology and has got new updated drivers. It supports remote I/O scanner capabilities and contains DH+ support at 230 kbps. It can also be used in conjunction with the PCMK/A card.


The device cannot be installed on all computers. Specific software is needed for installation in Windows 95/98. Only software products that communicate through RSLinx are preferred for Windows 98. For Windows 2000/XP the driver chips with RSLinx software version 2.2 or later is needed for installing the device.

Environmental Specifications

The environmental specifications include various features. It comprises of the card power, power and heat dissipation, conducted RF immunity, EFT/B immunity, emissions, operating temperature, radiated RF immunity, shock and non-operating, shock and operating.

Availability and Expense

There is no problem in availability of this gadget. It is easily accessible from local markets and online sites. Moreover, it can easily be transported and is convenient enough to operate. The price is also reasonable and affordable. Since one needs to get the best, one may have to incur significant expenses. The device is so useful is worth spending money.

Hopefully, a thorough analysis of the product 1784-PCMK is done. Our readers must be satisfied reading about this. Well, make sure that one keeps these points in mind while buying this product.

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