Mutual Funds Calculator: Helping you Count Every Single Penny!

mutual fund calculator

Mutual Funds Calculator is a highly useful tool for those who plan to invest in mutual funds. The reason behind increasing popularity and high usage of this tool is that it helps people calculate the outcome of their investment. Different people have different financial goals and hence the motive of their investment varies considerably.

For those who like to test the waters before taking the dive and prefer a prudent approach, like to use mutual funds calculator to see what their investment would look like in the near future. Let us know about the different types of calculators that can are available!

Types of Mutual Funds Calculator

For your different needs and Investments, there are available different types of calculators. The use of the below listed tools might vary on the basis of usage by an investor or an advisor. Sneak a look!

Mutual Funds Returns Calculator: Mutual Fund Returns Calculator helps you find out whether your investment would give you favourable returns or not. This tool can also be used to find out the amount of returns and the velocity of performance of any fund amongst its peer group and how it would differ with time.  

Mutual Fund Ranking Calculator: Mutual Fund Ranking Calculator can be used to gauge the overall performance of a scheme of mutual funds. This tool is highly used by the investors to determine the ranking of a particular Mutual fund scheme for a definite duration. The tool provides the user with a detailed analysis of the scheme talking volumes about the performance and ranking of the scheme. This helps the investor take a balanced and a well thought decision.

Mutual Fund SIP Return Calculator: Mutual Fund SIP Return Calculator helps the investor ascertain the returns that he/she would be able to garner by the end of the term period. SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is one of the best ways to make systematic, calculated and equal amounts of investment at regular intervals. With investing your fixed amount on a regular basis, it is important to learn how much returns would that participation fetch you. This can be calculate via this tool!

Tax Saving Calculator: Many investors plan to evade taxes by making investments. By using a Tax Saving Calculator, you can calculate the amount of tax that you will be able to save by investing in instruments such as ELSS, NPS and 80C. After putting in the details related to your investment plan, the tool gives out the total deductions that are made under the Section-80C and your income thereafter. You can use this tool to judge the returns that you can get from investing in other financial schemes and funds.

Child’s Education Calculator: Child’s Education Calculator takes into account the rate of inflation and helps the investor come to the cost of his/her child’s education in the future. Using this tool you can easily ascertain the amount of savings you need to make to be able to make your child’s education a smooth ride. The tool gives you the exact period of investment and the amount of your regular investment to help you reach the goal.

Child’s Marriage Calculator: The Child’s Marriage Calculator helps you ascertain the time period required and the amount of investment you need to make regularly to reach the goal amount for your child’s marriage. This tool takes into consideration the rate of inflation in the future and calculates the exact amount that you must save on a regular basis to make your child’s most important day worth it!

Retirement Needs Calculator: Retirement Needs Calculator churns out the amount of money you would require to spend your post-retirement period. After working for all these years, every individual dreams of a stable and smooth life after hisher retirement. And to spend your golden years in peace you need to start investing now. This is where the retirement needs calculator plays its role. It helps you determine the amount of money you would require in the years to come to spend a comfortable life. It gives you the exact amount of money that you need to invest now, the time period that you will take to reach your financial goal after considering the rate of inflation that would hit by that period.    

Growth SIP Calculator: Growth SIP Calculator is known by many names such as the top-up SIP calculator and many more. This tool gives you the amount of returns that you would be able to get after the period of growth SIP investment gets over. As your SIP increases with time by a certain amount or a specific percentage, your returns would also see a hike. And that is what this tool figures out for you.

Mutual Fund STP Calculator: Mutual Fund STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) Calculator helps the investor know the value of final returns after the switch of the scheme or investment plan. Mutual Fund Systematic Transfer Plan allows the investor to diversify his/her investment and hence the risk and returns by allowing him/her to transfer the current investment in different schemes.

Mutual Fund SWP Calculator: Mutual Funds SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) is a type of plan where the investor can withdraw a specific amount of participation and units from the account of funds at specified time periods. These type of funds provide an investor the freedom to stay guarded against the uncertainties of the market by helping them overcome the timing of market. The withdrawn amount can be used in various ways one of which would be reinvestment of the money. This is the apt source of fixed inflow of money for those who are seeking it. The Mutual Fund Calculator helps you ascertain the amount of returns and the time required to reach that goal.

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