Naklua Is Going To Win Your Heart Over

Sanctuary of the Truth

Modern, everyday life can be quite draining – we often live in an environment full of stress, lacking anything resembling fun and in the flood of duties we sometimes forget that we are living. Each important life-changing decision starts with a desire to change. To be able to relax and emphasize one’s needs is definitely a good way to go. There is a very special place on this planet, that offers an opportunity to relax, to not think about anything and to have massive amounts of fun!

A place filled with colors, whispering sea nearby and with loads of interesting things to do. A place with many exotic tastes and smells. A Place filled with new experiences that will convince you that each and every day is worth it and can become legendary.

The north part of famous Pattaya

Naklua belongs to the calmer parts of the bustling Pattaya. Before becoming famous location preferred by tourists, Naklua was a place with salt mines that gave the area its name (‘Naklua’ literally translates as ‘salt fields’). The Naklua beach belongs to the most beautiful beaches in the whole area. It is also possible to find small communities of local Thai people that hunt for fresh fish in the sea and that mostly supply local fabulous restaurants in the area.

Rejoicing by the sea

I bet you are now imagining yourself being on that beautiful beach with an exotic cold drink in your hand. After that, you just casually walk around until you find a nice restaurant, where you sit down, order some great seafood dish and enjoy your tasty Thai treat. Your afternoon will be spent back on the beach, enjoying many local water-related attractions. Every day on Naklua Beach is going to be fun!

Rejoicing by the sea

What makes the Naklua area so special, though?

The main point is definitely its accessibility. Everything interesting in Pattaya is a stone’s throw away while still being one of the calmest places in the area, mostly inhabited by holiday owners in their retreats.

We fully recommend visiting (and believe us, that you will want to repeat the visit!):

Sanctuary of the Truth

Directly inside the Naklua Area, there is a unique temple that was built by the Thai people and which is completely made from teak wood. It offers a wonderful view of its architectural marvels and shapes. It is also a place of morals, good human values, and purity of soul. Merely standing nearby will leave a lasting impression and visiting the inside makes you contemplate about your whole existence.

Sanctuary of the Truth

Million Years Stone Park and the Crocodile Farm

This beautiful park belongs to the treasures of Naklua area offering beautiful sights of the animal kingdom, local flora and, of course, minerals and statues. After enjoying the views enough, you visit some of the specialized shows containing crocodiles, tigers or elephants.

Million Years Stone Park

Nightlife on the main street going to the Pattaya downtown is cheaper!

If you are interested in great nightlife and worry that calm Naklua will bore you – do not! Great and vibrant nightlife is a pride of Thai people. Located near the main road, you can find loads of local bars and discos!

A holiday condo in Naklua

In these few short articles, we introduced you one of the great and famous areas of Pattaya. If you are contemplating about buying a holiday condo and Thailand is your new love, we can offer you many condos for sale in the Naklua area. We know the local market well and will do our best to find the most suitable condominium in Naklua according to your ideas.

With regard to the high popularity of Naklua condos (from both Thais from Bangkok and expat clients from all around the world), buying a condo in Naklua can become a very interesting opportunity to invest. In the end, it all goes to one decision – do you and your family want to spend your every free moment in this paradise filled with colors, fun, food, and relaxation? If you do, do not hesitate to contact our Naklua Real estate that will help you with everything.

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