Why Do We Need Safety Anchor Points to Work on Roofs?

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As we all know that, “Safety Anchor Points are a vital part of a fall protection system”. They are usually installed on the roof. The rooftop safety anchor is a permanent, inexpensive and easy to install solution to prevent injuries and falls while working on building roofs through ladders and scaffolding. Professionals and homeowners alike can now work safely with a lifeline attached to the roof in the form of safety anchor points.

This solution exceeds fall protection codes; while other solutions exist in the market, but they are not designed to be permanent. They are often less secured, and many can jeopardize the integrity of roofing joists by getting screwed to them directly.

Anchor points are used to anchor the safety harness while working at height. The rooftop safety anchor points answer all these problems like “the serviceman would not want to fall down and there is a risk while working at heights” by taking a new approach. This professional solution of safety Anchor point sandwiches multiple joists with thick powder coated brackets and a rigid assembly to give homeowners a lifetime of use and security whenever it is needed.

The installation of the safety anchor points can be done within fifteen minutes. You have to drill two holes with anchor brackets on both the sides of the roofing joists and other on the exterior of the roof.

Everything is held tight together with strong bolts, heavy lock washers, and nuts. As a homeowner, you can still be held liable for injuries even if you are employing someone else to work on your roof. Whether you are a home-owner, renovator, roofer, or anyone else, working directly on a roof or up on a ladder is risky, while the safety anchor points are the right solution.

Benefits of Using Safety Anchor Points:

  • It allows you to carry out your work in a safe and secure environment.
  • Safety anchor points are robust, lightweight, compact, and ergonomic.
  • Now it becomes easy to use the winding system to deploy and retract the safety line.
  • This revolutionary lifeline sets new standards in high safety.
  • This personal and tactile unit offers rapid set up, full compatibility with full body safety harnesses, with no secondary equipment to install.
  • It is a perfect safety system for all the operatives who are working at heights. It is also compatible with almost all the current height safety equipment.
  • The durability of the anchor points is quite high as it is installed on the roof and works efficiently in rough weather conditions.
  • It offers safety with the ease of installation and a training regarding height safety procedures.
  • Overall this ensures that employees can work safely and that the surrounding community is protected as well as the physical assets are also protected.
  • Despite their efficiency, the safety anchor points are affordable and cheap in cost.
  • The size of safety roof anchor is small and is of lightweight.
  • As the major components are made of stainless steel so the anchor points are durable and work in unfavorable and toughest conditions.

Safety anchor points offer so much in return for a little investment. They are cheap, light in weight, and easy to install. Safety anchor points offer a great deal of safety and protection to the people working on the roof. So, if you are thinking of getting some work done on the roof then don’t forget to suggest this particular addition. It may avoid any unfortunate circumstances.

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