Should You Need Testosterone While On Anavar Cycle?


What should be the exact result to expect while you are taking Anavar? It does not matter whether you take it with or without any other types of steroids.

Actually, there are some confusions regarding the time it takes for steroids to start working. You might find a number of health gurus explain how steroids work ‘fast’. However, in reality, it does take some time to help in the development of muscles. It is no wonder that you will need to wait two or three weeks to experience the ‘difference’ in your body.

Perhaps, this is why many people tend to underestimate the efficacy of Anavar, which is also known as Oxandrolone.

The Truth

Anavar gives you only anabolic results. As a result, you enjoy a solid growth of muscle. But it takes its own time to deliver the desired results. So, while you are on a cutting cycle, you might want to combine it with another performance enhancing drugs to reap benefits fast. To make it, you might want to stack Oxandrolone with testosterone propionate or cypionate. With them to your aid, you can expect to gain up to 5Lbs of a month. To make it, you need to take 25 mg of it per day. And yes, you can get legal Anavar pills even without a prescription. You can get them online.

However, to a number of health-enthusiast, gaining just 5Lbs of muscle after 30 days might not seem to be a big deal! However, Anavar is not designed to deliver ‘miraculous’ results. Consequently, a number of users take it to be a weak steroid. Again, there are users who self-extend its use to 8-12 weeks. However, you would ideally not go beyond the recommended tenure of dosage, that is, 6 weeks.

What is Anavar Good At?

In case you wish to beef up your muscles really fast, then Anavar might not be the drug of choice for you! Most of the fast acting steroids make it either by increasing blood volume or through water retention. Anavar is not among them. But the result that it will give you is incredibly better. The results will be longer lasting, as well! This is because; this steroid works by increasing the production, as well as utilization of creatine. The supplement also tends to assist in burning body fat, particularly in the super-sensitive places like abdomen. Also, with this steroid, your muscles look sharper and more cut!

About Its Negative Results

That being said, Anavar does have its share of side-effects. Thankfully enough, they are extremely mild compared to that of its other peers. The supplement is slightly androgenic in nature. As a result, it does not ‘aromatize’. Aromatization occurs when your system gets saturated with plentiful of androgen. The surplus androgen gets converted to estrogen. This can result in decreased libido, breakouts on the skin and even be bloating. However, you can check such spinoffs if you combine Anavar with testosterone propionate or cypionate. No wonder that Anavar has become a popular supplement among women, as well. The bottom line is, Anavar can give you some excellent and practical results, provided you stick to the drug administrating protocol.

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