New trend- in house caterers at Indian Weddings

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Indian wedding is a big deal for the bride and groom and their respective families. It is not an easy task to arrange everything on time. Many families prefer wedding planners to handle the rush and fuss. The wedding planners decide the venue of the wedding according to the requirements of the wedding couple. Looking for the prefect venue for wedding is not an easy job. Often while looking for a wedding venue, the wedding planners come across a situation where the couples face dilemma figuring out the caterers. Normally, the caterers at Indian wedding are hired from restaurants which have a bunch of food collection to provide at the weddings. The wedding venues in Delhi are aware of such restaurants and often offer outsource catering management at the weddings. However, with the latest trends, the couples often decide to have an in-house catering at their weddings.

There are many wedding venues that have strict rules against the outside catering companies for obvious reasons. Therefore, it is difficult to find an outside caterer matching all the possible requirements for the wedding. This is one of the main reasons behind the wedding venues for providing the in-house catering. This helps the caterers to walk around the venue to plan a perfect setup catering for the wedding. a caterer visit and walk through the venue is very important. The meeting between the caterer, the wedding couple, the wedding planner and the wedding venue owner is a must when it comes to Indian weddings. With the benefit of in-house caterers, the wedding venue owners are relieved from the extra liability of the caterers that might not be in their caterers list. There are certain benefits of having an in-house catering for the wedding. The most important one is that the in-house caterers know the venue and the way the wedding planners plan to set up the caterers. This is a bonus as there is no headache of meeting up and planning separately. With the experience in the kitchen and other weddings, the event is in safe hands. The second thing is that the staff issues are solved as they already know the number of members required working in shifts to complete the job. Which would take days with an outsource caterer. With the in-house caterers on board, the caterers would know the exact time taken by them to complete the whole thing on time. This gives the wedding couples and the planner’s assurance that everything would run smoothly and absolutely on time.


In early days, people preferred caterers from off-sites, to make it cost effective. Earlier, the wedding venues did not provide catering services. However, with the growing days the ways are changing. The wedding venues in Delhi NCR now provide in-house caterers to avoid the liabilities that come up with an off-site catering company. The wedding planners and the couples feel comfortable with the in-house catering services as they can largely rely on them with the reputation of conducting so many weddings.

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