NorditropinNordilet: An Incredible Injectable HGH


Tired of excessive gyming and exercise but the dream is still beyond reach!? The perfect body you desire is still in back gear. Do not lose hope. It is still conceivable and the aid which will make it possible is a daily shot of Human Growth Hormone via oral route or injection, whichever is comfortable for the user.

Norditropin is a famous brand name for Human growth hormone. This drug is frequently prescribed in the treatment of hormonal deficiencies in kids and adults. The growth hormone is synthesized and released from the anterior pituitary gland, getting commands from the master controller ‘Hypothalamus’. The growth hormone deficiency occurs when there is some damage to the pituitary gland, it can be because of some injury and tumor in the tissue. Bodybuilding aficionados and motivated athletes often use this drug because Norditropin can increase muscle mass and accelerate physical performance, agility, and endurance.

How does NorditropinNordilet work?

Norditropin is the brand name for the hormone and Nordilet is the name of the delivery device which is used to inject the hormone inside the body. The device is designed very much like a highlighter or a thick marker pen which comes with a cover on it. People consider it better than the old-style syringes or needles. This pen-like device carrying 10mg/1.5ml 30 IU of human growth hormone is industrialized by Novo Nordisk Ltd. of Denmark. This device provides appropriate carriage of the growth hormone into the blood system.

The size is not larger than a pen. So it can fit simply into a purse or a pant pocket. This delivery system is best suited for those individuals who don’t have access to any cold-storage. The cold storage or refrigerator is important to protect the activity of the hormone. It will be best convenient if the person is traveling to distant places.

The core polypeptide hormone is generated in a lab utilizing recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology. The E.coli bacterial bacteria is modified to carry a plasmid having the gene for human growth hormone (a sequence of 191 amino acids that is found in the endogenous hormone).

Cost and Dilemmas

This pen system is not available at many places but there are options of getting it online from several merchants overseas. The cost of 15 mg/45IU NorditropinNordilet pen devices at Mexico is approximately about 800 dollars. But it may be costlier at other places and may go up to Twelve Hundred dollars. This is a strict prescription dependent drug i.e. it cannot be bought from authorized medical shops without a consent from any medical practitioner. A doctor only suggests such heavy drugs based on your signs and symptoms for pituitary problems. Also, he/she decides the dosage of drug and frequency of intake based on your age, the Body mass index, previous medical history of severe ailment.

This application of Human growth hormone is quite restricted and not recommended for general use because of its enormous potential for getting misused or abused. The over dosage may lead to several disquieting adverse side-effects if not monitored properly. Norditropin can increase muscle mass but only when taken judiciously and stacked with several steroids, otherwise, it may create havoc to your body.

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