Is Outdoor Advertising Still effective in the 21st century?

Can you really ignore the Sale poster standing proudly on the terrace of a building? How many times did you decide on a movie after seeing its poster? Yes, this is the magic of outdoor advertising for you. It grabs your attention, prompts your interest, and pulls youin to it with full force.

What basically is outdoor advertising?

As the name suggests it is the type of advertising that reaches the customers when they are out-of-home since it is difficult to grab the attention of an average consumer on a daily basis through a more personalize means. But, outdoor advertising has made it easy for the brands to reach hundreds of customers in one go. It works just like other mass media communications like television, radio etc. and is therefore useful in reaching out to the masses easily.With not much information, outdoor advertising methods use bare essentials to display on board which can stall the attention of the customer for at least few seconds. For the decades and with advancement in technology, various types of outdoor advertising options have been chosen to keep the competitive edge among the brands alive.

Let’s look at some of those outdoor advertising options that have been in trend.

  • Billboards: The most popular form of advertising option that is favoured among the brands till date. These billboards are strategically placed where the customers cannot ignore it for once. It has the minimum but all the required information that a customer might need to make a further enquiry. For the generations, billboards have taken various forms like digital billboards, digital posters, bulletins, posters, walls or banners by roll up banner manufacturer and many more.
  • Flex Banner: Seeing the name you might have got an impression that these are not some static advertising methods. It includes the cloth banners that are seen arranged on walls or tied above with strings. It also includes LD-Foam banner that uses high-quality plastic for manufacturing
  • Sunpack Sheet: Very effective for small businesses, there are several locations for Sunpack sheet printing in Delhi that uses high- quality material and rich hues in advertising applications giving an elegant look and polish to the brand name, whether big or small.
  • Automobile advertising/ Street Furniture: These are the kinds of advertisements that are used in autos, insides buses wherein the outdoor or indoor walls or seats are branded with the posters of various sizes. It has a very direct impact on the passenger as his eyes gets glued to the poster for a moment to make him aware of something new that might even hold his interest.
  • Transit Advertising:These are called wraps that are used in taxis, buses, metros, trains or subways that are focussing on the modes of transportation in general. Its main purpose is to acquaint the customer with the product more closely while they are on move. It holds a very high importance because of its close proximity to the customer and greater visibility.
  • Neon Sign Boards: The glow and signs of these boards are very sturdy and can bear any weather condition. It is one of the advertising techniques that are well-liked among the customers. These signage boards are manufactured with LED that keeps the name of the brand glowing and embeds itself in the mind of the passer-by. These kinds of signboards are basically seen inside restaurant, bar or movie theatres.
  • Tents/ Event Advertising: These are the promotional tents that help in garnering leads in an easy way. These are easy to install and are portable and light-weight. It gives a very definite look of a small shop and could be set-up anywhere inside colony or market.

But, have you ever wondered how these outdoor advertisements leave an everlasting impression on its audience and boost the sales growth?

Outdoor advertisements have made it easy for the brands to showcase their brand message significantly, without messing their words with it. The message is neat and short which grabs the attention of the viewer in an instant along with it being sufficiently informative for them.

This is a matter of attaining quick attention thus, businesses try to catch the eye of their customers with richly designed posters or billboards that will make them think about their business again.

It follows realistic method of advertisement. Without going into many details, outdoor advertising focuses basically on their real message whether it is about some oncoming campaign or the inauguration of new a departmental store around your place. It heightens the reputation of the business and promotes the social and ethical values of the brand in the eyes of the public.

Outdoor advertising is fully focussed on the busy schedule of people. Thus, it keeps the demands of today’s customers in mind and displays such a message that will surely be struck them for a longer time.


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