Outstanding Ways to Get Cheap Skip Hire in And Around Your Locality

Cheap Skip Hire

Skip is an open dustbin which is large and offers a wide space for dumping off waste material from houses. The skips are then taken inside a truck to free them from the waste. Hiring a skip and that too, a budget-friendly one is a task you must be careful about. Cheap skip hire needs planning, and also you must know how much waste you would like to throw out.

There are ways by which you can determine the cost of a skip. These ways are effective and would totally help you in maintaining your budget. The top ways of cheap skip hire have been discussed below –

A Road Permit

If you have the council involved in the entire matter, you cannot possibly be looted. If the skip needs to be kept on the road, the council needs to permit you. Otherwise, the skip might be removed anytime whatsoever. You can keep the skip in your driveway or the free space you have in your garden too, but it is better to keep it in the open, so that not just you, everyone else can use it. If that happens, everyone has to contribute for the hiring of the skip, which makes the cheap skip hire quite a successful one.

The Correct Skip Size

Skips do not just have one size. They have different sizes, based on different needs of the individuals or the society as a whole. The sizes include:

  • Mini Skips – which are approximately 2 yards
  • Midi Skips – which are approximately 4 yards, or sometimes 3 yards.
  • Builder Skips – they are 6 to 8 yards.
  • Maxi Skips – They are huge, and are in the range of 12 to 16 yards.
  • RO – 30 to 40 yards.

These skips are arranged according to their sizes. These can take up different types of wastes and in different quantities. If your household contains a lot of waste, the highly recommended one is Midi Skips. They are not too huge or not too small.

Choosing the right skip is very important for a cheap skip hire. You must only pay for the skip you want, not the one which would be bigger or smaller for you. This saves money and you know you are not being fooled or charged more than needed.

Advance Booking in Order to Avoid Last Minute Rushes

You need to have a plan regarding the time that you want your skip to be delivered at your doorstep. Cheap skip hire companies are always booked well in advance, that is why, if you want your skip day after tomorrow, you must book it today itself. Booking a skip two days before the actual date can save you the last minute charges which you have to spend on a costly skip. Be sure to plan out the renovation of your home perfectly so that hiring a cheap skip becomes easier.

Time and Weight Restrictions

Before hiring a skip, you should be well aware of the time restrictions that the cheap skip hire company imposes on its customers. They tend to charge more if you do not return the skip within the specified time. This makes the skip costlier than you thought it would be at the very beginning.

Weight restrictions are also very common with every skip. A skip cannot take in more weight than needed. Therefore, if you know that your waste has a good weight, hire a skip which would be able to take in all the weight. Otherwise, if you impose more and more weight on a light-weight skip, it might break; hence making you pay more than needed.

All these points of a cheap skip hire are very important for you to understand. Before hiring a skip, make sure you are confident about the size of the waste material and the time when you actually need the skip.

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