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Painless Root Canal Treatment in Delhi


Infected and decayed tooth cause a lot of pain. They also need to be preserved else the entire tooth structure can be in danger. It was not possible earlier to treat infected tooth/teeth without causing intense pain but thanks to the advancement of dental technologies, things have changed a lot.

Anyone can look for root canal treatment which is totally painless and help save the tooth structure along the way. You can thus approach a dentist without fear and get RCT without being inconvenienced in any manner.

Why to go for painless root canal treatment?

Infected tooth is something you can’t allow to cause further pain and damage. If not treated timely, it can weaken the dental structure together with making the problem reach to other parts of the body as well. Going for the treatment is helpful in many ways, including –

  • The painless RCT is perhaps the most advanced of all available options for root canal
  • A simple procedure where the dentist will administer anesthesia for the task
  • An easy way to remove the pulp tissue from the infected tooth
  • Infected teeth getting treated without having to remove them
  • And the most efficient treatment available for root canal

Who will need painless root canal treatment?

Pain is not the only reason why a lot of people want RCT; there is the desire to save the original tooth and not have to remove them. In overall, there may be time when one has to take this treatment for reasons, including –

  • Those who are experiencing throbbing pain in their tooth
  • Those whose tooth pains during night while sleep
  • Those having sensation with hot or cold foods or drinks
  • Those with swelling in their jaw bone
  • Those with swelling around the gums
  • Those not wanting the infection to reach other parts of the tooth
  • Those not wishing to have abscess as it can infect the tooth further
  • Those wanting to save the infected tooth rather than replace it

Procedure involved with painless RCT

The procedure is simple yet involves a few steps which dentists follow with ease. After that, they treat the problem and help preserve the tooth.

The steps involved in the procedure are –

  • The dentist will first drill the infected area
  • Local anesthesia is used to minimize the sensation of pain during drilling
  • Infected pulp is then accessed
  • The infect pulp tissue is then removed
  • After that, they carry on drilling the root canal
  • The canal is then disinfected using saline water and medical compounds
  • The canals are then sealed using standard filling material
  • The sealing then helps prevent future infections
  • The tooth is then covered with the help of crown
  • The covering is done to save the tooth from fractures
  • Post filling, the crown is placed instantaneously
  • The procedure is lengthy and involves several visits to the clinic
  • A single clinic visit is not sufficient for root canal treatment in Delhi
  • The entire procedure is done without pain or there may a bit of pain of bearable variety

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