Passport Renewal Tampa FL – Check Passport Validity Before Flying Abroad

Flying abroad might be a requirement for professional as well as personal reasons. Whether you are planning a family vacation or you need to visit a foreign country for official trip, the most important document that needs to be in place is the passport. The US passport is considered as one of the most powerful passports in the world. But just having the passport is not all. It is important to ensure that the passport has proper validity so that flying to the foreign land is not a problem. It has been seen in many cases that inspite of having a valid passport, the person is not able to board the flight. This is because as per the US State Department, the passport must have validity of more than 6 months when you leave your country. This is a precautionary step just in case there are lengthy and expensive travel disruptions.

For majority of countries, the passport should have validity of 3 months more from the actual travel date before the expiry of the passport. In these 3 months, you can stay in the foreign country without visa. But USA and many other countries look for validity of 6 months or more in the passport even after the actual travel span.

Renew U.S passport in advance before it gets too late

Now that you know the importance of timely passport renewal in Tampa FL, you will face no problems regarding your stay in any foreign land. It is always recommended to get your passport renewed well in advance so that there are no last moment hassles.

Infact renewing passport is way easier than getting a new passport. This is because lesser documents are needed in the passport renewal process. The processing is also quick, because the verification steps can be avoided while passport renewal. If your travel is due in 2 weeks, you will need to appear in person at the passport facility to get your passport renewed. Again if you need a visa for traveling, you have to expedite your passport renewal process so that after the renewal the passport can be sent for further visa processing. However, if you are not in real hurry, you can send for passport renewal via mail only.

Steps to renew passport in U.S

The steps to getting your U.S passport renewed are quite easy.

  • Completing Form DS-82 – passport renewal application form

The first step to passport renewal is completion of the Form DS-82. There are two ways in which this form can be filled – online as well as offline. For filling up the form offline, download and print the same and fill up the details using black ink pen. Furnish correct information in error free manner so that there are no chances of rejection of the passport application Tampa. It is also possible to fill up the renewal application form online and then print the same. See that there are no mistakes in filling up the form.

  • Collect all the supporting documents for passport renewal

For getting your passport renewed, you have to submit some supporting documents.

  • Recent passport which is valid or even the expired passport
  • Recent passport size photo measuring 2 inches by 2 inches
  • If there is name change, legal documents for supporting the same

In case the passport is damaged or mutilated, application for passport renewal will be done in a different form. Also, the person has to appear physically at passport office in Tampa for such cases.

  • Passport renewal fee

Along with the renewal application form and supporting documents, passport renewal fee has to be provided as well. Checks are taken for fee payment and they should be made to the Department of State. Date of birth and full name of the applicant should be mentioned right in the front of the check.

Put all the above mentioned things in an envelope and send to the passport office. People who need to renew the passport immediately can seek expedite passport renewal services by paying additional fee for the services.

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