Are you paying for the right tuition for your child? Differences between Private and Group Tuition.

JC Math Tuition

It is not uncommon for parents to be in a dilemma when choosing between selecting a private tutor for their child and enrolling their child in a group tuition. There are indeed many factors to take into account when making the decision of selecting the appropriate JC Math Tuition, and this article hopes to provide you an unbiased perspective in guiding you to make the decision.

Cost of Tuition

One of the most significant difference is the cost of Private JC Math tuition as opposed to group tuition, the cost of private tuition is hefty and thus may not be the most affordable choice, especially for middle to lower income families. However, it is important to note that private tuition does not 100% guarantee an A in the ‘A’ Levels, and it is possible for your child to excel just as well in a group tuition.

Greater Individualised Support

Tutors will be able to provide more individualised support to students in private tuition as they will be able to concentrate solely on that one student, and therefore be able to pick up their weaknesses in Mathematical concepts far quicker than when in group tuition. They will be able to freely alter the schedule of the day according to what the student needs and how fast the pace of the student is, providing more challenging questions if the student is well versed in his or her knowledge in mathematics or re-teaching concepts if students are weak in certain topics.

Cooperative learning shows Increased Academic Achievement

Group tuition does not necessarily make a student deprived or less advantaged as research has shown that learning in groups allow students to experience lower levels of anxiety and stress, deeper understanding of learned material, greater persistence and many others. Students are able to have friendly competition and also learn from one another’s mistakes in group tuition especially when questions are asked.

Flexibility in Tuition Hours

Private JC Math Tuition is certainly a more flexible option in terms of shifting tuition hours according to each student’s schedule, however, most group tuition do offer makeup classes for lessons missed.
In the end, besides considering the above points, the last salient factor that determines whether one is suitable for a group or private tuition is the individual’s learning style. Some thrive learning by themselves, while others feel more comfortable learning alongside with others. Parents will thus have to make the choice based on this and the above factors in deciding the best JC Math Tuition for their child.

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