Why People of all Cast and Creed Believe in Arya Samaj for a Successful Wedding

The Indian society is today transforming into a developing nation with a great future ahead. In economic terms there is lot of changes that is going on and the rate of progress is also very high. However, there is lot of changes and improvements which is required on the social front. Major factors like gender bias, health and education issues, mortality rate, unemployment and poverty etc. are few which are afflicting the nation.

These are some of the major issue that India is facing today, mostly in rural areas. On one hand, we are moving towards development but on the other do not want our culture to get impacted by western culture.

One of the major changes we have witnessed today is the change in life style and mentality of the majority of the people. With increasing work opportunities, people have started living separately from their families. Another issue is choosing of the life partner irrespective of caste, religion etc. Therefore inter caste, inter-religious marriages and also love marriages which have always been a taboo in the Indian society, have also started gaining acceptance. It was for this purpose that institutions like Arya Samaj have become important and Ayra Samaj marriage system is getting popular.

Arya Samaj Marriage System

Arya Samaj Marriages are simple marriages which are conducted in Arya Samaj temples with simple Vedic rituals. As Arya Samaj marriages follow a simple marriage procedure, Arya Samaj marriage fees too is not very high. They arrange marriage ceremonies for a nominal amount and also issue certificates of marriage.

Arya Samaj marriages are essentially based on the Hindu religious philosophy but do not involve idol worship. The weddings are best known for their highly simple rituals and practices devoid of any exaggerations and extravagances.

As Arya Samaj is indifferent towards the religion of the couple, there is also a provision for conversion of religion with the free will and consent of the individuals. A list of documents which are required for wedding consists of – Birth Certificate, affidavits stating date of birth, nationality, and marital status, two witnesses from each side, garlands etc.

What Benefits does Marrying under Arya Samaj have?

  • There are numerous benefits of getting married in Arya Samaj. Arya Samaj marriages provide a cheap and affordable option for people to get married. The rituals followed here is the same as that is followed in common Hindu marriages. Marriages performed here are covered with all Vedic rituals, chants and blessings of God without too much flashiness.
  • Wedding in Arya Samaj is really a best marriage option for people who are looking to get married in simple and non-flamboyant way. It s also beneficial for those who belong to different caste and religion, and are looking for an Inter caste marriage and interreligious marriage. Not only this, but couple marrying under Arya Samaj are also provided with marriage certificate immediately after the wedding.
  • Joining hands with Arya Samaj Mandir in South Delhi and at various other places for conducting a marriage event can let you prevent giving dowry in a marriage. As Arya Samaj is against dowry and is fighting dowry with all its efforts since long time. The groom’s side cannot exploit the bride by making unreasonable asks in an Arya Samaj marriage.
  • As Arya Samaj bans alcoholic and intoxicating products in a marriage ceremony, marrying couples can get free from unwanted problems and worst activities of drunken men on such auspicious occasion. Thus, making your marriage happen in peaceful manner.
  • Arya Samaj marriages are performed by following all the current laws and regulations. Arya Samaj discourages child marriage and strictly follows the rules of age limitations for marriage.

Contribution of Arya Samaj to the Indian Society

The Arya Samaj believed in providing equal opportunity to both men and women in the Indian society. It is the only the first school which rejected casteism. It made people believe in women empowerment and removed Sati Pratha which was not there in Vedas and promoting equality for all.

As Swami Dayanand, the founder of Arya Samaj believed in Untouchability, Arya Samaj succeeded in launching a great movement against Untouchability which was followed up during our Freedom struggle & post -independence.

The child marriages were earlier a very common factor and were practiced highly in many parts of the India. Arya Samaj propagated against this curse from our Hindu Society. But unfortunately, it is still prevalent in certain regions & amongst backward Hindus.

Arya Samaj started yet another related revile of Hindu Society, the act of Polygamy which means wedding more than one spouse. Arya Samaj followers travelled widely deep into the villages & towns successfully to remove this evil from our Hindu society.

Arya Samaj even attempted to bring the non-Hindus into the Hindu society. Especially to those Hindus who had earlier left Hinduism and accepted other religions.

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