Why Do People Check CIBIL and Want it for Free?

cibil score

A professional wants to have everything she desires. The wish to buy a house or car must be fulfilled if she is really working hard to get it. Most of the professionals now prefer a loan for all these expenses that otherwise take a large chunk of the salary. To know if they are eligible for the facility or not, they do check it with different banks but also make sure that their CIBIL is also upto the mark.

Maybe this is the reason that people check CIBIL quite often and look for a free facility. To get a good rate on a home loan or personal loan, a person should have a good credit history. If the credit or CIBIL score is above 750, the chances of getting a low rate of interest with desired loan amount is higher. To check your CIBIL score for free, you can do some research online. There are some authenticated websites or companies that are providing the service for free.

You can check CIBIL score with minimum details such as Permanent Account Number (PAN) and residence address. Read below the steps that you have to follow if you want to check your CIBIL score by PAN card.

Steps to check CIBIL score by PAN Card for free

  • Provide your full name as mentioned on the PAN card
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Choose your gender
  • Mention your PAN card number
  • Enter your contact address
  • Provide the email ID
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Submit the form

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How can you get CIBIL report?

You can simply log-in using the login details given when you were checking your CIBIL. Once you login, follow the below steps:

  • Visit ‘CIBIL Score’ check page.
  • Click on ‘Login’
  • Now enter your registered email ID and mobile number
  • Enter the ‘OTP’ sent to your mobile number
  • Login with the given details
  • Go to CIBIL Report under CIBIL and download the report.

Who have a good CIBIL score?

There are some good habits that help us maintain a good CIBIL score. Those who have maintained a good credit history know that it is quite easy to achieve the score of 750. Those who don’t may read some of the very simple ways that help people maintain a healthy credit score.

  • A loan borrower has paid EMIs on time is successful in crossing the first step.
  • Credit card users who have paid bills on time.
  • Credit card users who have not used more than 30% of their credit limit.
  • People who know that even a single missed payment may harm their credit score if not history.
  • Those who have taken a consumer durable loan maybe just to build their credit history
  • Those who have not closed their credit card
  • The people who have avoided debt settlement as it affects credit score directly.
  • People who do not apply at multiple lenders for loans or credit cards
  • People who do not check their credit or CIBIL score very often

With the above details on check CIBIL, you must have got the idea how can you check it yourself. So,  


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