Physiotherapist Career Options


You might have visited a physiotherapist for yourself or one of your family members. Do you know who this professional is? In general, candidates interested in medicine, but could not get medical seats due to their minimal marks in the higher secondary can opt for this occupational health professional.

It is an occupation that aims at the prevention and alleviation of the dysfunction in their movement in patients. These professionals mainly focus on improving functional ability, promotion of mobility and remediation of impairment.

The practice of this system is to movement sciences, and it is something to do with the function of organs in the human body.

What is the scope of a career in physiotherapy?

When you talk to a career counsellor about the scope of physiotherapy, you will know that a career in this domain can lead to a wide range of challenging and exciting jobs. As a physiotherapist, one can gain specialisation in different areas. The examples include orthopaedics, cardiorespiratory, neurology, geriatrics and paediatrics.

Candidates with a degree in physiotherapy can obtain a doctorate, and they can engage in the research field. Those demonstrating a high-level of competence, knowledge and skill in their work might find a wide range of opportunities for growth. For instance, they can move to teaching positions, management or supervisory positions or even they can set up their physiotherapy clinic.

What roles can physiotherapists take?

These professionals work with patients having physical hardships. These difficulties might be the result of getting older, disability, and injury or due to an illness. These experts will have to work with patients to identify and to treat their physical health issues. They should also develop the appropriate treatment plans. They should motivate movement in their patients by using the right techniques. They assist patients after strokes, accident, injury or surgery to bring back healthy getting around.

Where can physiotherapists get job opportunities?

They work for hospitals, private practising homes, rehabilitation centres and even in homes for old people. Further, some sports clubs, schools, the armed forces and industrial health units recruit them.

Job prospects:

Nowadays, due to the sedentary lifestyle, and mechanisation, people tend to face a lot of issues related to their muscular-skeletal system. For instance, they face problems like osteoarthritis, stiff shoulders, back pain, neck pain, etc.  In providing relief to these issues, physiotherapists work with mainstream doctors. This profession mainly aims at improving the mobility of patients after a surgery or after a prolonged illness.

It means that physiotherapists have many job prospects in different areas. They are always in need as most multi-speciality hospitals these days have a separate department for physiotherapy.

What is the eligibility to be met?

The best physiotherapy college in India offer courses like Bachelor of Physiotherapy. To get admission to this course, candidates should have their higher secondary in science stream with at least 50% of marks. Otherwise, candidates can also take a one-year Diploma course in Physiotherapy. Then, they can move on directly to the second year of the BPT course. Completing a PG in physiotherapy after the UG will improve the job prospects for sure.

Is a career as a physiotherapist rewarding?

Of course, physiotherapy is one of the finest and also the most rewarding professions. The great satisfaction that you gain by helping people to move as usual is something that you cannot compare with materialistic happiness. Of course, you will get a good pay as well when you get the opportunity to serve as a physiotherapist in a big hospital. Further, the education will help you safeguard yourself and your family from any physical disabilities. Even, you can contribute to the betterment of the community as well by offering your service for free to homes for old people when the need arises.

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