How to Pick the Right Cleaning Service


Every office needs a cleaning service. Fortunately, there are plenty of agencies to choose from. But you do need to choose the service carefully. So, here’s a short primer on choosing the right cleaning service:

Search and research: Ask your friends, relatives and scour the Internet for commercial cleaning Manchester near you. You can check the website for details. Go through these carefully. If there is no website, meet or at the very least call up the service and find out more about their services. Look for reviews of the company.

Check the services offered: Different cleaning services have different specialities. While commercial cleaning services are quite common, you must still make sure that they have experience in office cleaning. Commercial cleaning includes a wide ambit — from offices, vacant properties, communal areas, bars, restaurants to student shared accommodation.

Ask for testimonials: If you did not find any reviews of the company of the Web, ask them for testimonials and references. An experienced company is bound to have few. You should follow up on the references and ask them about the staff’s conduct and work. Were they punctual and courteous? How satisfied were they with the cleaning standards? Did they have any complaints? If yes, how were these addressed?

Cost: The price slabs in cleaning agencies can differ widely. So, check the prices before you decide. Also, check what is included in the cleaning. How are the prices calculated? Is it as per the area, number of hours or rooms? The agency will most likely have different price slabs for different jobs. Under commercial cleaning, for instance, there could be differential pricing for regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and end-of-tenancy cleaning. There could be special pricing for out of standard cleaning. If you are planning for regular cleaning service, you can ask for a lowered pricing. Clear all pricing issues before going ahead.

Checks: A cleaning service has to be discreet because they will be working around your place of work. While you can ensure some loyalty from your own employees, you have almost no authority over the cleaning service staff. So, you have to ensure these issues before hiring a cleaning service. What kind of background checks are done on their employees? Can they be trusted to work in off-office hours? How do they carry out training and awareness for all employees.

These are some of the essential factors that you must keep in mind before hiring a cleaning service Manchester.



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