Places To Visit When In Bangalore

Many people do have a notion that visiting a city for a holiday is not a good idea as one again lands in the world of concretes in the name of holiday and they experience nothing new. But there are many things to discover in a new city which one should not miss.


It is true that cities have less touch of nature but it can still be interesting. If you are in Bangalore for a holiday or for work purpose, do not forget to explore the city. There are many things to do in Bangalore and many places to visit as well. Here is a glimpse of few places which one should visit once they are in the city.


  • Even if you are not much religiously inclined you should pay a visit to the famous Iskcon temple situated in the city. This is one of the ecstatic beauties present in the city and one has to visit this place in order to get the taste of its magnificence. It is located on the top of a hillock and as this is a construction of 21st century the structure shows both modern influence of architecture and traditional influence of architecture. The entire temple is made of marbles and it is very neat and clean. If one wants to offer their prayers inside the temple they can always do that as they have a proper room for that. Along with that, one can get to see cafes, souvenir shops and other things in the temple area. There is also yoga and meditation sessions organised and one can also enrol and take a part in them.
  • If in Bangalore, you are definitely up for visiting the interesting places which are just at the outskirts of the city. Bannerghata National Park tops the list in this. This sanctuary is about 100 kilometres away from the city of Bangalore and it is the home for many wild animals and species of birds. This is the perfect place to visit for the nature lovers and one can also take a safari inside the forest.
  • If you are ready to drive for an hour from the city of Bangalore then you will reach the Nandi hills and the Devanahalli Fort. This is a famous spot for the trekkers and also popular for a one day picnic. This place was once a place where Tipu Sultan used to spend his summer days. In fact, the Devanahalli Fort is the birth place of Tipu Sultan. Apart from historical significance, this fort is to be visited for its architectural magnificence.
  • Bangalore Castle is a must visit when one is visiting this city. This was built based on the model of the famous Windsor Castle and it is surrounded by gardens. This palace has fortified towers and has windows which are made like Gothic structures.

These are the few places which one must visit when they are in the Bangalore city. Apart from these there are many other places to explore.

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