Plan your Leh Ladakh trip Meticulously


Do you love travelling? Then you must have a Leh Ladakh trip on your bucket list already. If you are not a fan of much travelling, you should go for a Leh Ladakh tour at least once in a lifetime. When someone is trying to sell an idea, they will say all good things about it. But I don’t have to lie even once to convince you about the beauty of Ladakh and Leh.

Yes, a Ladakh trip isn’t all about relaxing and sipping a cool drink. There is some trekking and a lot of acclimatization to do. But if you have a meticulous plan, your trip will be smooth and you will not be half as exhausted as you expect to be.

Why take the trouble

Anybody with the slightest idea about Ladakh will know that it isn’t the most comfortable place to be, oxygen and cold wise. The political scenario of Jammu and Kashmir isn’t always favourable in terms of safety either, to be honest. But the beauty of the landscape you see in the pictures, are not Photoshopped. Ladakh and Leh are even more beautiful in real, than in pictures.

Leh and Ladakh are places that we cannot just go to any time of the year. We must think about the weather conditions. Also, if you are going there for the first time, a short trip just wouldn’t do. You need to take enough time to explore the wonderful lakes, the lofty mountains, maybe go for a bike trip if you are feeling adventurous. Yes, you get to hire a bike of your choice for the treks.

You can go for aggressive trekking, or just the necessary amount to visit the local sights. Most of Leh and Ladakh is accessible by four wheelers. It does not have to be an exhausting trek if you don’t want it to be that way. There is something for every type of traveller in Ladakh. The diverse terrain offers a host of activities from trekking, riding, paragliding, to visiting monasteries, walking by the clear blue lakes, and playing in the snow.

So, this is one trip you must not miss out on. A Ladakh trip is a must for people everywhere.

Don’t waste your time

A Ladakh trip gets difficult if you are not at your best level of fitness. It gets difficult not just for the old but for the middle aged as well. But age is just a number if you are a fitness enthusiast. You just need to be sure that you don’t have shortness of breath or complicated heart issues. At that altitude, the air gets thin and breathing gets difficult. So, if you fall ill, your entire squad will have to abort the trip to get you back to safety.

Also, you cannot rush a Leh Ladakh trip. You need to take your time to get used to the climate. You will definitely want to spend at least a night each at every location you go to. And time will just fly when you are out on a sightseeing mission. You might have planned to visit 4 sightseeing destinations for a day, but you end up managing only 3 because you spent more time than you expected to, on each location. This is why, you can never rush a Ladakh trip, and you should not.

So, the very next leave you can manage, invest it in a Ladakh trip. Yes, a Ladakh trip is an investment. You visit the place once, you feel a positivity and a renewed energy within you for at least half a year. Start planning your Ladakh trip now. Without wasting any more time. Check out some Leh Ladakh tour packages with airfare to compare the prices.


Safety tips from experts

Travellers who have visited Leh and Ladakh numerous times have some common advice to give to first time visitors. The most important one of them is about acclimatization. When you get to Leh, you need to spend at least 24 hours at rest to get accustomed to the low pressure and low oxygen level in the atmosphere.

Count the 24 hours from the night you arrive and not from the moment you arrive. And ‘rest’ means rest. You cannot go for a sightseeing hike around Leh the very day you arrive. You can just go walking around, making sure you are not working your lungs up too much. Leave the Nubra and Pangong visits for the third day from your arrival.

Also, if you are under the impression that being young and fit, this will be no matter to you, you couldn’t be more wrong. The nausea, mountain sickness, ataxia, and headaches you could get has nothing to do with age or physical fitness. You have moved to a region that your body is not used to, you WILL be affected by it. So, don’t be stupid enough to ruin your trip the very day you arrive. Have patience. Plan out the trip well so that you have enough time for this thing you need to do and everything else you want to do.

Keep yourself warm and hydrated throughout your trip. Take your time to climb altitudes. Don’t rush, even by car or bike. If you feel any of the symptoms of AMS, like nausea, acute headache, fatigue, or shortness of breath, descend immediately to an altitude where the symptoms start to alter.

Pack a light pullover for the daytime. It is sunny during the days so you will need a light body warmer. Carry at least two heavy jackets or one waterproof one. Take waterproof gloves, enough socks, and an extra pair of shoes just in case. Carry pain relief sprays, band aids, medicines for nausea, stomach upset, fever, cold, and headaches. If you are visiting during the rainy season don’t forget your raincoats. Ditch the umbrella because you won’t find it convenient to have one hand occupied with it while you trek.

Carry enough cash and don’t depend on your luck to find an ATM wherever you need. You will need innerline permits for some places so be ready with all that is necessary. Plan the trip out well and you will have nothing but wonderful memories and local dry fruits and artwork to take away.


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