Planning for Wooden Flooring

wooden flooring

Wooden Flooring is a graceful, durable and comfortable option for your home or office decor. Wooden floors come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.

Your planning for wooden flooring is incomplete without research. You have to ponder over some pretty important stuff related to the wooden floors. You should have the answer to these questions first.

  • Whether the wooden floor would complement your interior design or not?
  • Which is the best wood species for you?
  • How to keep up the wooden flooring?

Here is your complete guide to select a perfect Wooden Flooring for your home. Just go through this guide and get the perfect wooden flooring for your home or office space.

Guidance to select the Perfect Wooden Floor

A perfect wooden floor for your home should match your existing home decor style. There are various colors and textures available to choose from. There is a wide range of wood species available like maple, oak, and walnut. Oak species is the most sought-after choice for wooden flooring.

The durability, color, and texture are three qualities of wood. The quality that you should never compromise with is the durability (hardness) of wooden flooring.

 Choose the Wood type first

The foremost thing is selecting the type of the wooden flooring you wish to install. Following are the 4 main types of wooden flooring you can choose from.

Solid Wooden Flooring – This type of flooring is made up of the single pieces of woods with the specified width. Solid wooden flooring is the best option for your living room and bedrooms. This fabulous floor is environment-friendly. Make sure to check the hardness rank of the wood.

Engineered Wood-This type of wooden flooring is available for better strength and stability. The floor has multiple layers that are glued together at a right angle. The resale value is quite high for this type of flooring.

Laminate Wooden Flooring– This type of flooring is quite durable and beautiful. Laminate wooden flooring is an expansion of solid and vinyl wooden flooring. This is a high-density fiberboard with plastic lamination over it.

Bamboo Flooring- The Bamboo is a type of plant that has the strength of steel. Bamboo flooring is quite durable and pre-finished.

Choose the Finishing of theWooden floor

Once you have selected the type of wooden flooring, the next step is to choose the finish. It is either pre-finished or On-Site Finishing that is after installation.   

Prefinished Wood– The pre-finished wooden floor is ready to nail down floor. This can give you a perfect idea of how your floor will look like. You can get a preview of it that may help you in buying other interior stuff like the wallpaper. This will definitely take less time to install the flooring.

On- Site Finishing – This will give you the option to customize your interior. By choosing this, you will have more options with better price. This will give a blended look of the completely flat surface. You will have an advantage of getting a range of colors to choose from.

There is mainly two type of finishing Oil finish and Polyurethane finish. Oil finishing is very soft and natural. On the other hand, Polyurethane is hard. It suited well for the rough and tough look.

Choosing the Right Laying Direction

The last but not the least part is choosing the laying direction for your wooden flooring. You can take the advice of your interior decorator or your Room-planner for this. The laying pattern has a significant impact on your home décor. Make sure that you don’t underestimate this one.

Last but not the least, it is not that tough to keep up the wooden flooring, just use your vacuüm cleaner to clean it daily. Make sure that your pets and kids will not scratch it, and your flooring will make your home feel cozy and warm for years to come.

Author’s Bio:

Akshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interior –Furniture Stores Bangalore.


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