Plasterer: The Magician Behind Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Every home needs to be taken care of, because as we all know home is where the heart is. There are many construction ways to improve your residence. Plastering is one such way to enhance your room design and looks. It has been used as a tool in building houses for many years.

So, if you are planning to construct a new home, add changes to your roof, or renovate your walls which are falling off due to some unfortunate reasons, it might be the time to call a plasterer. They can fix all of the above and also introduce decorative designs and structures. Good plasterers are very less these days and thus it is imperative to get hold of one who will give you a good outcome. You don’t want your walls to look dirty and husky that will make you feel uncomfortable and not give you a homely feel.

Importance of A Plasterer

There are two types of plastering – solid plastering and fibrous plastering.

Solid plastering includes the process of constructing walls, ceilings and floors. It is the basic physical process of plastering. It also comprises adding layers of stones, pebbles and other substances to hold the plaster tightly or to toughen it.

Fibrous plastering refers to the creative construction of walls, ceiling and floors. It is basically designing them with sketches of pretty designs. It is more of a mental work than physical because the plasterer must have a creative mind to plan out the patterns that will make the interiors look attractive. He must have the design sorted out in his mind to carry it out. A plasterer can be needed because of the following requirements:

  • Resurfacing the floor. If the floor is unsettled and rough, it needs to be plastered to have a smooth and comfortable surface to walk on again.
  • Are walls or ceilings slowly falling off? Plasterers at the rescue! If the plaster on these surfaces is disintegrating, it needs to be replenished again.
  • Designing the walls, ceilings and floors. If you want a really cool home décor, you must call a plasterer who has an artistic mind to create plaster art on your required areas.
  • Finishing – be it the floor or the ceiling or the walls – a good plaster finishing is tough and is always the key to successful home improvement.

Why is Plaster Always A Better Option?

Plaster is basically the finishing process of wall construction, over which painting is done. The process requires special knowledge about construction – along with training and skills regarding the whole method. It is quite a labor-intensive task and demands quite a lot of hard work. One has to find a really good plasterer for a seamless job.

Other than that, no other wall, but only a plastered one can give a smooth and comfortable texture that one can touch and feel to determine. It is also very sound resilient than other walls. There is another process known as drywall, but yet plaster overrules it because the latter is a harder substance than the former. Plaster is more fire resistant than drywall. No one wants their house to catch fire! Plaster is more of a trained and skilled job than drywall.

How to Find A Good Plasterer? 

  • Go for the ones having NVQ qualification as that reflects their experience in working in commercial sites.
  • Always compare quotes and number of days a plasterer would take as compared to others.
  • Procure a recommendation from a known circuit of family and friends.

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