PNR Status Details on Indian Railway

The need for PNR numbers is important for checking the status of India train ticket bookings today. The details provided by PNR numbers aid in making the management of passengers according to seat reservations easier. Websites and mobile applications have helped in making the entire procedure online. An online database in the Passenger Reservation Systems has helped in providing reservations to nearly 1.5-2.2 million passengers daily for more than 2500 trains that travel throughout the country. The PNR status on Indian Railway and other privatewebsites can be easily checked which helps in determining the status of the purchased ticket. The PNR status should be known by a passenger before boarding a train to avoid any conflicts. Checking the PNR status will help a passenger know if their ticket is reserved and whether they have procured a secure seat for comfortable travel.

There are 3 ways of checking the PNR status

  • Through a website- IR has official websites that help the passenger check his/herPNR status. There are many supplementary websites that can help in checking the PNR status which are under the purview of IR. This helps in reducing the traffic that can be caused when many people access the servers of IR.
  • Through SMS services- An SMS in one of the following formats is an optimal way to check the PNR number for those who are always on the go.
    1. Type and send your 10-digit PNR number to 139.
    2. Type and send your 10-digit PNR number to 5676747.
    There are various businessmen who opt for train travel often. For them, a simple SMS through their mobile phone makes it very easy for them to check the status of their tickets. This is also beneficial for those who cannot access a PC, or they don’t possess enough technical knowledge to use websites and mobile apps. A simple SMS service is sufficient for them.
  • Through an app on the smartphone- Mobile applications such ‘PNR status app’ are very helpful in checking the PNR status quickly. Internet connected smartphones can be used to download these apps and check the booking status. The use of apps reduces internet congestion.

Explanation of railway reservations

  • About W/L and RAC- IR or IRCTC issue reservation against cancellation (RAC) or wait list (W/L) tickets to a customer when all the available seats on the train have been booked. Cancellations of railway tickets occur for numerous reasons and it can help a passenger board their desired train if they have RAC tickets. Once all RAC tickets are sold out, then W/L tickets are given reservations in the train. A few hours before the train departs, a reservation chart is drawn and the seats under some quotas and further cancellations are released to RAC and W/L ticket holders.

Two numbers are printed on the ticket. The number before the oblique sign is the position where the passenger joined the W/L queue. The next number is the current position of the passenger in W/L queue. Hence, if a passenger bought a ticket with the numbers WL5/WL2, it means that they joined the queue at the 5th position and after some cancellations or uncertain booking procedures; they have come down to the 2nd position in the waitlist.

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