Groom’s Right Hand: Pointers To Remember When Delivering A Best Man’s Speech

At any point in your life, one of your brother or buddies will perhaps ask you to be their best man in their wedding. On this case, one of the tasks of a best man is to present a speech where you say a few words about your brother or friend and his new wife as well.

If you have been to several weddings, you know that usually best man speeches can instantly decline into an awkward scene. Inevitably, lack of preparation will end up with the best man being uncomfortable. They’ll begin sharing embarrassing and worse, inappropriate stories in front of groom’s family and friends.

You don’t want to be in that situation. Always be prepared and be that best man indeed. Here are a few hints to remember as you prepare to deliver your speech on a wedding day.

Remember the Basic

Begin with a short story on how was your first meeting with the groom. It will help things go smoothly for the rest of your speech. Most definitely, a best man will prefer to acknowledge the parents of the groom and bride individually. Never forget their names as this problem is the most frequent dilemma that most nervous and scared best men encounter.

Hence, make sure that you know them so well before the wedding so that you can confidently include them in your speech.

Don’t Get Below The Belt

Avoid topics that are offensive, embarrassing, or controversial. You may think it is common sense, but some people forget this when they are standing and delivering a speech in front of a crowd. What gets people in an embarrassing moment is when they try to be funny by sharing those awkward stories or giving some lame joke only ending up offending someone.

More so, it’s taboo to ever mention relationships of the groom. It will make the bride and whole environment uncomfortable.

Bring In the Bride

Not necessary that throughout the speech, but you have to dedicate a paragraph to compliment the bride. Share things you admire or like about her and consider the positive influence she has given to the groom.

Regardless if you don’t like her, she will be a part of your brother or best friend’s life, so you have to make her feel comfortable and welcome.

Stand with Confidence

Even if you’ve learned your speech by heart, you might still need to have those notes as a reference in case your mind gets blank during the peak of the moment. But, remember not to deliver your speech by constantly staring your notes downwards. You can stare down for a moment, then chin up and speak. Try to not look down constantly on your notes and deliver it the best you can.

Concentrate on Meaning

Think about the essence of your speech while you’re delivering it. Focusing on the broad message that you want to communicate and the sense of your words can help you make a more expressive delivery, instead of just reciting the notes.

Lastly, end your speech with a toast; it will offer focus and give something to work onwards. Before making a toast say something meaningful such as a quote or saying so that it’ll stick to the minds of your listeners. You can now sit down thus signifying a formal end of your speech.


Knowing that your relative or friend wants you to be his right-hand man during the best day of his life is indeed a great feeling. Being a best man means that you will present your speech in front of guests.

Bear in mind those pointers mentioned above to accurately deliver your speech. Above all, consider visiting Magnet Me and other event planning organizations more tips and info.

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