Popular Oxandrolone Drug and Its Gains


Anavar is also popularly called as Oxandrolone in many countries. Known for its mild nature and less anabolic effect, Anavar is one of the popular drugs among professionals across the globe. This is available in the oral form and is famous among people who are in need of a mild drug and effective one. Due to its mild characteristics, this has proven to have fewer side effects. Thus, many women who prefer safety in many aspects will go for this drug. This is also called as “women drug” as this is not capable of giving more bulking effects for men. Men normally use this drug considering the fact that this has fewer side effects and is safe for usage.

Famous cycles of Anavar and its results

Every steroid will have a cycle to be followed. The dosage instructions to be followed and the cycle to be followed are very important in the case of the steroids. Hence this recommendation at least will have to be got from a physician before starting off with a course. Anavar is available in 10mg dose to if a user wants only mild dosage. The results from an Anavar Oxandrolone cycle prove to be giving a satisfactory result and are proved by user reviews. This 10mg dose adds muscle gain to an extent to the user without water retention. Usually, when the users stack up with other options, oxandrolone 10mg gives them a lending hand. The users should be careful when they stack up Anavar with any other dose as the maximum limit should be calculated and taken in mind before deciding on what can be done. This drug is developed from DTH Dihydrotestosterone; this drug upon intake will not convert to estrogen. Hence the risk of retaining water is very less and the liver toxicity will also be very less. Hence there are many positive effects of Anavar.

Recommended dosages and its reviews

As discussed, the 10mg pill is capable of giving necessary effects when used in cutting phase. In bulking phase, Anavar cannot be much used as this will not help in developing bones and muscles. This drug will help to cut body fat to an extent and will help in developing lean body muscle. So, it is ideal only for cutting cycle. To get a toned body, a user can use this drug in bulking phase along with other stacks so the effects will be much more prominent. Thus, this drug is preferred by users who are not professionals but would need to tone the body to some extent and get gains out of it.

Is it suitable for professionals?

As we see, this is a mild version of anabolic steroids and cannot be used as a stand-alone medicine for bulking or toning up. This can to an extent help in shedding body fat and gain lean muscles. The results from an AnavarOxandrolone cycle seems to be satisfactory and the reviews provided by the user prove the same. From a professional perspective, weightlifters and bodybuilders cannot benefit more out of it.

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