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The Powerful Significance of Having A Fairy Garden And How To Make One On A Budget

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Fairy gardens are cute, easy to make, and kids really do have a lot of fun making and decorating them. Fairy gardens have turned to be really popular now.  Fairy gardens are miniature and the perfect miniature fairy garden has little fairy houses and accessories such as fairy sized furniture, trees, mythical creatures, garden tools, etc.

Significance of Having A Fairy Garden

If you don’t have much know-how on how to make a fairy garden on a tight budget and can’t come up with great fairy garden ideas for your children, don’t fret — we have got you covered. If you’re not a good “DIY” person making a fairy garden might seem like a convoluted task, but it’s totally worth the effort. The kids will have the chance to do something fun and creative outdoors in their spare time. Children like to do stuff they see on television and in other people’s backyard and constructing a fairy garden with them is a great opportunity for parents to bond and interact with them. Honestly speaking this something you should think twice before you pass up.

How to Make A Fairy Garden On A Budget

The best part of making a fairy garden is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to make a nice, beautiful fairy garden. Most of the materials needed to make a fairy garden are most likely at your disposal or lying around your house or garden. The project itself takes minimal effort.

Take a look around your home and search for unused items like a bucket, a wooden box, a plant pot or even an old wheelbarrow you don’t use anymore. If you don’t want your fairy garden to be confined in a small box or plant pot, then consider building a miniature wooden wall or fence. You probably have a few planks of wood, some nails, and a hammer lying around in the garage. So, use them instead, you don’t need to fetch any from the hardware store.

3 Steps to Make A Miniature Fairy Garde

As we said earlier, you only need few basic things to make a fairy garden. So let’s get started:

A Large Container

You can use a large plant pot or an old bucket to make a fairy garden. But, we think that is too predictable, so let’s do something different. We think using a container that looks like a pumpkin would be fun for everybody. Just make sure you choose something fairly large so there is enough room in your pot or container for a few small plants and other fairy accessories.

Make some holes at the bottom of the container for draining excess water. Then fill up the container with good potting soil. One bag of potting soil is enough.

Small Seasonal Plants

Since you’re making a fairy garden, you need to collect some plants, trees, a pansy, and an ornamental kale. You can also choose any miniature plants, flower bushes, or succulents. In addition, you should also pay attention to the color schemes when you select your plants. For example, if you’re using a pumpkin-shaped container for your fairy garden, colors like purple and rust will look great.

Add Some Fairy Details

It’s time to add some fairies. This is my favorite part. I bet your kids will love it too. You can find the fairies and other accessories such as a miniature fence, chairs, straw bale, baskets, bird nests, and much more from any craft store.

To further customize your fairy garden, you can create your own fruits, vegetables or other cute stuff out of polymer clay.  This clay holds up its shape pretty well outdoors, so many people use it to make their own fairy garden accessories. Don’t forget to add fallen leaves. You can put real leaves on the soil or make some on your own.  To make your garden stand out, add a small fairy house, pebble roads, little village signs, small pieces of wood, water fountains or any other items.

Don’t hesitate to add more fairy details in your fairy garden. When it comes to adding accessories to your miniature garden — the sky is the limit.

Below are some examples of some really cute and adorable miniature fairy gardens. Feel free to replicate them for your next fairy garden project. We also included our own pumpkin fairy garden.


  1. Fairy garden made from a cut out pumpkin container with custom-made clay pumpkins, fence, miniature chair and plants.


  1. A fairy garden created out of a cut out tree trunk and decorated with miniature fences, shrubs and gnomes.


  1. A fairy garden made in a wheel barrow complete with pebbles and manure.


  1. A miniature fairy garden inspired from traditional Japanese garden.


  1. A fairy garden made out from a wooden barrel.


  1. A miniature tree house made in a real tree.


  1. A fairy garden with a small castle, white picket fences, fairies and a ladder. The garden has been made from a large broken pot plant.


  1. A simple, yet elegant fairy garden with a stone bridge as its centerpiece.  


  1. A whimsical fairy garden with lilac flowers, a stone house, and glowing lights.


  1. A fantasy fairy garden that constitutes a basket laden with a mini cottage, toy chairs, and little plants.


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