Preparation Tips for UPSC 2020

The UPSC 2020 exam is scheduled to be conducted in the month of May 2020. So, candidates must start the preparation for the upcoming UPSC exam. Since the syllabus for UPSC exams is vast, the UPSC preparation requires a lot of hard work and dedication to qualify the exam in a single attempt.

UPSC Preparation not just focuses on merely finishing the syllabus, but on constantly acquiring information and insight into the latest happenings/current affairs within the country and beyond. Aspirants must have knowledge regarding all the latest happenings and events across the globe and only then can they be entirely prepared for the UPSC 2020 exam. Given below are a few tips that candidates can find useful while preparing for the upcoming UPSC exam:

  1. Know the UPSC Syllabus: the UPSC Prelims and Mains syllabus are elaborate and exhaustive. So for candidates preparing for the exam, the most important thing is to be entirely aware of the syllabus and exam pattern for the UPSC exams. This will help candidates figure out a plan to start the preparation and accordingly sort out a time table for the exam.
  2. Choosing Optional: The most important thing while filling in the application form is selecting an optional subject that may be apt for the applicant and may also be an advantage while appearing for the exam. An appropriate optional subject that brings in a major change in the final marks scored in the UPSC exam. Certain factors including interest in the subject, availability of study material & coaching and prior knowledge of the subject are important to be kept in consideration while picking up an optional subject for the UPSC 2020 exam.
  3. Make a Time Table: UPSC preparation requires equal attention to be given to each and every section of the exam. It is important that a candidate chalks out a study plan before actually starting the preparation. There must be sufficient time dedicated to the preparation of each section. This will also help in sorting out the subjects and topics that require more attention while preparing.
  4. Read Newspaper Daily: The best tip for UPSC aspirants is to read the newspaper on a regular basis. UPSC is all about being aware of the events across the world from present and past. So, only if a candidate is in regular touch with the happenings around the globe will he be able to crack the general awareness section of the UPSC exam.
  5. Comprehensive UPSC Preparation: The UPSC syllabus is spread out very wide and the questions asked in the exam are indirect and complicated, so candidates preparing for the exam must indulge in a comprehensive study of each subject in detail.

So for UPSC preparation, candidates must make sure that they are prepared well enough to score well in all phases of the exam and the above-mentioned tips can be referred to for the upcoming UPSC 2020 exam.

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