Problems related to blood that occur during pregnancy

blood pressure medication during pregnancy

There are some problems that occur during pregnancy because of the blood passing through the placenta. The volume of blood rises during pregnancy resulting in various complications related to both the mother and the baby. Mothers are often asked to take nutritious food because most of the nutrition gets drained to the baby for proper organ formation and body growth. Some common problems are still there that mothers feel really concerned about during pregnancy. These concerns are liable as there are chances of issues with the health of the baby.

Problems that occur during pregnancy

During pregnancy, most of the essential nutrients that mothers eat go to the baby. This is because the baby needs more and more nutrients for proper cell growth. These are the reasons for which doctors prescribe pregnant mothers to take the nutrients supplements so that they can get the nutrients for them. The effect of blood on mother and fetus are as follows:

  1. Mothers turn tired easily due to the potential loss of nutrients. The mothers need nutrient supply to sustain the baby too, but most of the time it is imbalanced.
  2. Stress leads to hypertension which results in problems in blood pressure that can harm the growing heart of the baby.
  3. The mothers turn anaemic sometimes, due to loss of blood during pregnancy and are often asked to have a diet perfect to accelerate the generation of new blood cells.
  4. Transmission of disease-causing pathogens from mother to the fetus, which may have risks like the death of the fetus.

All the problems can be treated with the modern facilities put forward by doctors and they are able to cure the pregnant mothers with time, resulting in normal growth of the baby. Doctors prescribe blood pressure medication during pregnancy which can help mothers get relieved from hypertension and low pressure while falling anaemic.

Control of pathogens from crossing the placenta

There are many pathogens that have the ability to cross the placenta and reach the baby causing an adverse effect on the baby. There are some countermeasures that can be used to stop the pathogen from crossing the placenta.

Some diseases are there that may result in birth of a newborn with a disease in their body, but with modern technology, diseases are made to be stopped in a single generation by restricting the flow of the disease to the baby. These diseases cause severe harm to the baby and may prove to be fatal. One of the problems is the transmission of HIV to the baby. This virus can affect the health of the baby and may result in death of the fetus. But some medicines can be taken so that transmission of the virus can be stopped.

After doctors prescribing for this medicine hiv in pregnancy can be stopped from crossing the placenta.


Blood problems can be controlled easily with proper medication prescribed by expert doctors in this field. Therefore a single disease can now be restricted to a generation keeping newborns healthy and fit.

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