Proctored Testing Centers – Policies and Practices


With more and more students opting for distance learning courses, online examination system has also become an in-thing and this is where proctored testing has also become quite a popular. Students can take an online examination from the comfort of their homes and to ease their search about there are proctored testing centers where students can register, fill in all the necessary details and request for a proctor as well.

The next question that comes to mind what are proctoring centers and how do they help in students taking a proctored online examination. Another question that comes to mind is “how do I locate proctored testing centers near me?”

Well read on as we try to clear all your doubts and answer all the queries related to online proctored testing centers.

What Are Proctored Testing Centers?

Proctored testing centers are the complexes where a student can take a proctored examination. The proctored centers will have proctors who are carefully vetted so as to ensure that they are able to administer exams as per the security guidelines. Proctored Testing Centers are the centers that have been carefully selected by the universities after successfully passing the necessary requirements like high-speed internet, trained and qualified proctor, along with a facility for the student to take the online test peacefully.   

How Do I Locate Proctored Testing Centers Near Me?

Locating a proctored testing center near you should not be a problem, it all depends on the exam you want to take. As most of the centers don’t offer all the tests. Hence it is important to ensure that the exam you want to undertake is available at that proctored testing center. Now coming back to the original thought about how to locate a proctored testing near you – you can either search manually by typing proctored centers near me or you can search through some of the proctored test center locators that take care of everything and all you need to do is give the exam. And this is where Examstrong will prove to be helpful to you. Examstrong with its state-of-art technology and unparalleled exam-delivery experience for its clients, is a good choice if you are seeking an online proctored examination.

What Is Online Examination System?

As discussed earlier loads of universities offer distance learning courses to students, online examination system has become an accepted form of examination. But like all the things there are pros and cons with online examination system and hence to minimize the chance of using unfair means by students and to give results some credibility proctored examination centers came into being.

What Role Does Proctor Play During Online Proctored Examination?

An assigned proctor who is proctoring your examination ensures that all the security guidelines are met and you have presented the required photo IDs proof to qualify for the examination along with fee receipt in case if any. In the absence of anything above you would not be allowed to take the examination.  


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