Rami Jabali – A Bright Name in UAE’s Beauty Industry


Dubai shares a stark resembles with that Magician’s hat, things are just popping out of nowhere. Startup companies, fashion trends, eateries, beauty treatments, the list goes on.  There is no debate in saying that Dubai is the heart of Middle East. The upside of this is that as Dubai emeriti, you have endless options on your plate. One never gets short of places as there is always an amazing new spot to eat, drink, chill or get pampered.

Nonetheless; too many options sometimes makes it impossible to make a choice. And it gets more difficult when it comes to finding a beauty salon as there are literally hundreds of beauty salons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and finding the perfect and reliable one appears to be a daunting task. But don’t worry; we have got you covered.

We have been to almost every beauty salon in the town, analyzed their services and based on our experiences, we can comfortably say that Rami Jabali is the king of all beauty salons and deserves the top spot for its topnotch service and uncompromising commitment.

About Rami Jabali

Rami Jabali salon was founded in 2006 by a renowned hair stylist of Dubai, Rami, who is now considered to be one of the most sought hairstylists not with Dubai only but across UAE. Prior to relocating his business to Dubai, Rami worked in various countries and holds more than 18 years of International experience within the beauty industry. Over the long span of his career, Rami got the opportunity to interact and train with some of the hotshots brands L’Oreal, Wella, Gold Well, Schwarzkopf, Keune, Dessange and many others.

It is noteworthy to mention that in recognition to his services, Rami has achieved various awards and has also been featured as of Dubai’s top hairdressers by Time Out Dubai and many other reputable magazines, International beauty bloggers, and fashion experts. The sheer commitment to service excellence why Rami has a very cult fan base with many of his clients featured in OK! Middle East, Elle, Hello!, Grazia and Beauty Business.

Location of Rami Jabali Beauty Salon

One of the best thing about Rami Jabali location is its easily approachable location. The salon is located on the Plaza level of Murjan 3, along the stunning Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR) and it takes no more than 25min from any corner of the city. Ample parking is available so there is nothing to worry about.

Signature Services

Rami Jabali is a one stop shop solution as they offer a very wide range of services. However, some of their services absolutely standout from the rest and have also been recognized by fashion enthusiasts not only of Dubai but across UAE. Here are some of their signature services.

  • Hair Extensions  

Rami Jabali offers Hair extensions in over 25 colors; offering a vast variety of standard colors ranging from subtle natural browns to a wide range of blonde tones to intensely wild trending colors. For the ultimate desired shade, Rami Jabali offers our customized color solution to its customers.

  • Anti-Frizz Treatment

The anti-frizz treatment offered by Rami Jabali is entirely different and doesn’t have any ironing involved. The anti-frizz treatment allows to build strong protective layer on the surface of the hair from the roots till the ends. This will not only close the open cuticles of the hair but will also strengthen the damaged frugal hair. As a result of which, the dry hair will be “treated” and will finish with a soft and smooth feeling.

  • Nail Spa

Rami Jabali has a state of the art salon in the Nail Spa Dubai industry. Rami Jabali’s towering fame in salon and spa services is fueled by professional training under the top fashion brands like GoldWell L’Oreal, Wella and an experience of more than 17 years in Dubai services for top-notch personalities and international clients.

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