Reality Check of Clenbuterolin PCT


Many steroids and stacks of steroid combinations would have been used during a bulking cycle of a bodybuilder. This is to improve the weight and muscle gain in order for them to be shaped in a gym. This usually is done for a set period of time, called a cycle. After this cycle, it is important to stave off from the steroids so that the body cleanses the steroids and its chemicals and gets back to normal. This season is called Post Cycle Therapy or PCT. For many people, just after bulking, the cutting cycle starts. During this period, the muscles are shaped or worked to perfection in a gym and following a strict exercise regimen. The question is whether any other drug can be used during this cycle.

Necessity of Clenbuterol in PCT

Strictly speaking, clenbuterol during a PCT is not needed but the choice is individual’s needs. First of all, one should define what would be their goal of PCT. Normally, after the bulking phase, it is required to follow the cutting phase regimen. Due to steroid use in the previous cycle, thebody has taken water in cells and generally has a bloated look. Hence, in order to get a muscular body, it needs alot of hard work in a gym and to reduce the weight without losing the lean muscle. In order to accelerate the process, a non-steroidal drug called Clenbuterol may be used. This is a bronchodilator class of drug that is commonly used in patients who are having severe breathing disorders and asthma. This drug can make wonders like developing lean muscle and at the same time, reduce weight by cutting into fat.

Drug Interaction

The properties and working of the drug are similar to epinephrine and salbutamol which is to enlarge the pathways of air and blood vessels. And they are also beta agonist in nature. On consumption, it increases the body temperature and stimulates the central nervous system. The net effect of the drug is to increase the basal metabolic rate, increase the temperature and allows more air and blood to flow. This results in more oxygen available to the athlete which gives more strength and allows him to work hard in a gym. The other effect is that the adipose tissues are dissolved because of the increased temperature. And it prevents the catabolic process to take over and preserves the lean muscles. That’s why the drug is taken during a cutting phase.

Pros and Cons

It is essential that one weans away from the steroids and other drugs after a phase and allows some rest period. Whether Clenbuterol during a PCT is not needed comes down to personal choice and goals. If all the phases like bulking, cutting and strength is all done, then it is better not to take any drugs. It allows the body to come back to normal state away from the ill effects of chemicals. If any side effects have been noticed, now they will start to disappear. Since steroid use during competition is not allowed, this rest period will allow those levels to fall down and one may participate in competitions.

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