Rectangular or Round?Tips for Deciding the Ideal Table Shape in Your Dining Area

Ideal Table Shape

Your dining tables likely still hang around in your home even after you have stopped liking them. They are an important piece of furniture, but the concern is, the dining table that functioned well in your old home may not be the ideal option for your current home.

You may have acquired a dining table that you feel obliged to keep, or it pulls at your heartstrings when you think about it is no longer around. Whatever the situation you may be in, it best to identify which table is ideal for your space, and if you are stuck with the table you have, how to take good advantage of it.

Rectangular Table

A table of rectangular shape is the most popular choice but functions just as well in a new perspective as it does in one that is infused in history.

How to make the most of it: If your home welcomes a space to a rectangular table, do not be afraid to select one that’s on the narrow edge.

Even a dining table that is around 28 inches wide will enable a room for shared dishes in the center of the table and, the best of all is that it’ll help make your dining buddies closer together.

On the other hand, the risk in placing a rectangular table on the wide side is that it’ll feel overly precise and detached, rather than welcoming and warm just the way you need it to be.

Round Table

A table of round shape in Deal Wiki is the ideal choice for those people who want to promote conversation and closeness among family members and friends. In this setup, everyone will be able to see and hear one another clearly, and the shared dishes are somehow effortless to reach.

Try to compare this to a meal gathering at a rectangular table where you are stuck  engaging in a conversation with the people on both sides of you even when you have run out of ideas to talk about, and the meal you want is at the opposite end of the dining table.

If you need to fit at least four people at a round dining table, then its diameter must be around 60 inches. Also, if your home can only make room for a table that is around 48 inches, then you may try considering a round table that can extend to become an oval shape as needed.

Remember that tables made of wood or another solid substance will occupy a huge amount of space.

Rather than shrinking the table, opt for a glass tabletop that can make the base the focal point. It can help make a room seem airy and open without jeopardizing on table size or style.


We can say that our dining table is the main attraction in our dining room. However, when not planned carefully, the table may consume a bigger space in your space than it normally should which makes the dining room feel packed and unlikely to provide its full function.

On the bright side, by knowing how to place the table, then you will surely appreciate its function and have your daily dining moments worth remembering.

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