Detailed Overview of Samsung Smart Watch Insurance

Samsung smartwatch insurance

Over the past few years, Samsung has introduced a range of fitness wearables and incredible smartwatches. Samsung consistently works on providing extended battery life, excellent fitness tracking, impeccable styling, and enhanced features.

Gone are the days of mere timepieces. Today, you can do a myriad of things with your smartwatch like checking messages from your wrist, listening to your favorite music, keeping up with your fitness goals, etc. Samsung smartwatches are highly trending in the market and its users are escalating at a good pace.

As much as Samsung smartwatch assists you in being connected and productive, it is also at the risk of damage. Therefore, it is vital to have your smartwatch insurance to keep your digital lifestyle on the go.

Brief into Samsung smartwatch insurance

Nowadays, Samsung smartwatches are gaining high popularity. Due to its stylish design and supreme features, it is majorly exposed to theft. Additionally, there are great chances of damage to your watch. Samsung smartwatch insurance can be availed to get protection against any such eventuality that is not offered in a standard warranty. The insurance also covers the repairing expenses that may be involved in certain scenarios.

In case you have a Samsung smartwatch, reading the below points to know about the significance of having its insurance can prove fruitful. Your Samsung smartwatch is your pride. So, it is imperative to safeguard your expensive watch with a reliable insurance cover. Here are a few benefits that you get when you invest in your smartwatch insurance:

  • Customized policies:

Every individual has different requirements, and many insurance companies value this thing. Most of the companies provide customized policy plans on your Samsung smartwatch to match up with your requirements. For instance, if you are afraid that your smartwatch is more prone to theft than any other potential damage, then you can take the cover accordingly keeping theft as the main focus of the insurance.

  • Saves money and repairing expenses:

You have purchased an expensive watch, so we know that you will be taking extra care of it. But who knows what will happen next. Therefore, it is better to invest in an insurance cover in advance before your heart sets back hearing the expenses involved in the repairs. No wonder, you might also have to purchase a new one if the repairing your damaged watch is not possible.

  • Transit supervision:

A handful of insurance companies also provide transit supervision services. In this, the insurance company protects your Samsung smartwatch during the period of its transit.

  • Samsung smartwatch extended warranty plan

In Samsung smartwatch extended warranty, the original manufacturer’s warranty is extended and replicated by a certain period (usually one year). Immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty is expired, the extended warranty gets started. It is recommended to purchase your extended warranty plan when your watch’s standard warranty is about to end to avoid paying additional dollars.

Here is an insight into what is covered and what is not covered in an extended warranty plan that you have taken for your Samsung smartwatch.

Most companies cover all the damages associated with your smartwatch which are included in your standard warranty. However, the exclusions include (but are not limited to):

  • Loss of your smartwatch or damage caused to it when the original warranty period is still going on.
  • Loss arising out of neglect, misuse, or abuse of your smartwatch.
  • Gradual deterioration of your smartwatch or regular wear and tear affecting its performance.
  • Damage to the battery or strap of your smartwatch.
  • Damage or loss that is not included in the standard warranty.
  • smartwatch
  • Your watch is functioning properly, yet there is a small scratch on it.
  • Damage or breakage resulting from terrorist activities, war, or nuclear explosions.

The process to avail the claim on your Samsung smartwatch

The correct procedure must be followed by the insured in case of any damage or loss caused to his smartwatch, and the claim is to be made.In the instance of any issue with your smartwatch, you must first identify whether your Samsung smartwatch insurance covers the problem or not.

If the insurance cover is exclusive of your potential problem, then you must inform your service provider right away.Arrange all the evidence and the necessary documents and file the claim.Your eligibility for the claim is then assessed by the insurance company.You are thereafter informed about the rejection or approval of your claim along with the compensation amount. The court can be approached in case of dissatisfaction from the results.

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